Advanced Features (Secure, Teams, Pricing, Volunteers, and more)

Each race is different. We have listened to the feedback of hundreds of races and thousands of runners and support their needs with a variety of advanced features. Check out our full features list, but here are some of the best:

Secure and Private. We bake security into our entire website – all of the pages are TSL/SSL encoded (note the "https://" on each page – the "s" is for Secure Socket Layer - In addition, we use an advanced secured token-based API for processing the credit card number. RunSignUp does not store any credit card numbers, but passes them directly to the credit card processor. This means that runner credit card information is kept securely and in full compliance to PCI standards (

Pricing. Pricing for races can be unique. Multiple registration periods. Age-based pricing. Coupons for Special Elite Athlete discounting, Free Sponsor registration, special discounts and more. Charging extra for XXL shirts. RunSignUp let's you do all of this and more! We have a powerful Coupon Management system that let's race directors create special coupon codes with a variety of options like $ or % off, # of uses, only first time users, etc.

Teams. Does your race have teams? Perhaps there are relays, corporate challenges, or cross country-like team scoring? RunSignUp provides powerful team capabilities powerful team capabilities. Teams can have age and gender qualifications, as well as upper and lower limits to team sizes. Teams are administered by the runners – any runner can create a team and then other runners can join that team. Captains can invite others to join their team, as well as have the ability to reject runners from their team. Having teams can be a tremendous burden for race directors – and RunSignUp makes it as simple as possible for you and the runners!

Volunteers. We let volunteers sign up easily and without any processing fees. This allows you to manage your volunteers online and hopefully recruit a few more helpers for race morning!

Race Administration. We provide simple tools to search and edit runner information, upload or enter paper entries (for free of course!) so you can manage all runners in a single system. Race Directors can also enable runners to do refunds, event transfers and bib exchanges, or can do this directly themselves - making life MUCH easier! It is also simple to securely share participant information with others like co-race directors and your timing service (and let your timing service upload results). We even make it easy for you if you are trying to track multiple races!

Participant Management. RunSignUp offers the most comprehensive and easy to use Participant Mangement system for races. We allow race directors and/or runners to do:

  • Refunds
  • Event Transfer
  • Bib Exchange
  • Wait Lists
Read more about our Comprehensive Participant Management.

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