RunSignUp : Cloud

RunSignUp is founded on the technology and ideas of Cloud Computing – applied to the running community.

The RunSignUp Cloud brings a number of advantages to runners, race directors, running clubs and timing services.

  • Information can be shared with everyone in a secure manner. This means race directors and timers can share participant lists. Club Officers can all have access to club members, and club members can share contact information.
  • Runners can access from any device – computers, iPads, and smartphones like Android and iPhone.
  • Secure. We use multiple levels of firewalls, all pages are secured with ssl and https.
  • Instant scalability. To handle large races with 20,000+ runners all trying to register simultaneously when registration opens.
  • Low cost.
  • Fast.

RunSignUp has invested in the latest technology and architecture to meet our customer's needs. Here is a high level diagram of our cloud architecture:

There are several advantages of this architecture.

  • We can add as many web servers as needed to handle high load due to a large race opening up registration and selling out the first day. Since we are on a cloud platform, we can add these and remove them within minutes – paying only for what we need. This keeps costs low for us and our race directors, and it provides the type of scalability large races need.
  • PHP Mobile Detect – this is a service that allows us to automatically detect browsers, iPad, iPhone and Androids and display pages customized for those devices. This makes it easier for runners to register for a race on their smartphone. We will also be coming out with interesting mobile apps for race directors and timers.
  • Memcache – this is an in-memory database that minimizes latency and makes sure our users get fast response time. Feel free to compare our response times with any other race registration service.
  • NAT Server – This provides a secure, high performance gateway to interface with Facebook, Twitter and credit card processing services.
  • CloudFront – We use a web service that provides for high performance content delivery. This means that things like images are automatically sent from servers located near the runner for faster performance.
  • RunSignUp is designed to grow with your race for the long run.