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RunSignUp allows Race Directors to add Sponsor logos to their Race Page. These can be organized and displayed in many different ways on your Race Page.


RunSignUp’s Sponsor System allows Race Directors to display their Sponsor’s logo on their Race Page. It is not intended to collect funds from those looking to sponsor your race. If you would like to charge sponsors through RunSignUp, you can use our Invoicing System to do so.

These settings can be found on your Race Dashboard by going to the Sponsors tab.

Upload a Sponsor Image

Select a Sponsor Image

You can upload an image in any standard image format (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png). We will automatically resize the image for you, so there is no need to crop or resize it to fit.

Upload Sponsor Image

Enter a Sponsor URL

You can optionally set a Sponsor URL. This will make your Sponsor Image a link to whatever URL you have entered.

Sponsor URL

Add a Short Description

You can add a short description of your Sponsor here. This description will show when hovering over the image with your mouse cursor on the Race Page. This field has a maximum of 512 characters.

Add a Short Description

Advanced Settings

You can chose to hide a sponsor from your race page by using this setting.

Hide Sponsor

Managing Uploaded Sponsors

You can organize your existing sponsors by dragging and dropping a Sponsor Row up or down to change the order that the logos are displayed are displayed. You can click the Edit button to change any existing Sponsor information, or you can remove a Sponsor by clicking Delete button.

Manage Sponsor Order

Sponsor Logo Placement

Race Information Page

This is the standard display for your Sponsor Images. It will display on your race page below the Race Contact Section, and above the Directions section.

Race Info Page

Left Column of all Pages

This will make the Sponsor Images also show in the left hand sidebar of all pages on your Race Website.


Right Column of All Pages

This option will create a new right hand sidebar and place your sponsor images inside it.


Bottom of all Pages

This will place your Sponsor Images in the footer of all pages on your Race Website.


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