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Learn how to assign bibs and chips for your race with this tutorial.

You can find the Assign Bibs & Chips menu on your race dashboard by navigating to Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips


RunSignUp includes the capability for race directors and timers to assign bib and chip numbers in a multitude of ways, as well as print out bib number labels quickly and easily.

In this guide we will cover how to use the many different ways to assign bibs with RunSignUp, and a few different scenarios in which you may want to use one type of assignment over another.

Before we do any bib assignment, you'll want to make sure that any entries that you've taken offline should be imported to RunSignUp by using our import feature. Follow this guide to import your paper registrations:

Assigning Bib Numbers At Registration Time

This function will automatically assign bib numbers to participants as they register, based on the parameters that are set up.

To begin, select the Assign Bib Numbers at Registration Time button.

Assign Bib Numbers at Registration Time

Next select the event that you would like to assign bib numbers to.

Assign Bib Numbers: Events

When you select a checkbox next to an event, it will bring up a menu to define what bib numbers you would like to assign to this specific event.

Assign Bib Numbers: Events Range

In this case the race has two ranges for 5k bib numbers, and two ranges for 10k bib numbers. For the 5k they're using bibs 1-200 and 501-1000, and for the 10k they're using bibs 201-500 and 1001-2000.

They've also selected the Share Bib Number with Other Events checkbox for each event, because they do not want any duplicate bib numbers assigned between events. This will make sure that this does not happen.

If you're using this feature after participants have already begun registering, you would want to select the Assign Bibs To Participants Who Have Already Registered feature by checking the box below:

Assign Bib Check Box

Once you've done this, you're ready to assign bib numbers. Don't forget to save your settings by pressing the Setup Automatic Bib Assignment button shown below.

Setup Automatic Bib Assignment

Now that you've setup automatic bib assignment your participants will be assigned bibs as they register automatically, following the guidelines that you defined earlier.

In this case, once you have 200 people register for the 5k, the next person who registers will get bib 501, and then 502 to the next, skipping the range for the 10k (201-500) and so on and so forth.

Assign Bib Numbers

This function allows you to automatically assign bib numbers en masse by a rule that you define.

Start by selecting the Assign Bib Numbers button.

Assign Bib Numbers

First you need to select which event you are assigning bib numbers for from the dropdown.

Assign Bib Numbers

Next you need to tell the system what bib number you are starting at.

Starting Bib Number

Note that if you do not overwrite existing bibs, new assignments will skip the existing bib numbers. This means that if you already had defined some bib numbers before, and have the Overwrite existing bib numbers not selected, the system will skip over those people who already have bib numbers assigned.

Next you must choose a Bib Assignment Policy:

Bib Assignment Policy

You can either chose to assign bib numbers alphabetically by last name, first name, and then address, or you can assign it by order of registration date.

You can also assign bib numbers in descending order by selecting the option for it.

The final step is to decide if you would like to overwrite existing bib numbers or not, and then once you are done with that must press the Assign Bib Numbers button to apply your rule and assign bib numbers to all of your participants.

Assign Bib Numbers Button

Manually Assign Bib Numbers

The last way to change a bib number individually is to do it manually. This function lets you search for a participant and type their bib number in.

To begin, click the Manually Assign Bib and Chip Number button.

Manually Assign Bib and Chip Numbers

Then select if you would like to assign bibs for all events or just one by selecting the correct option from the drop-down menu and selecting Get Participants.

Manually Assign Bib and Chip Numbers

You can search for an individual participant by using the search function at the top of the page.

Bib Search

Or just scroll through your participants below and type in the bib number.

Participant Search

Once you've finished assigning bib numbers, click the Assign Bib and Chip Numbers button to save your changes.

Assign Bib and Chip Numbers Button

Import Bib & Chip Numbers

Another way that you can assign bib numbers en masse is to upload a .CSV file that includes the RunSignUp registration ID and bib number that you would like to assign to that registrant.

The main reason to use this function is that if your bib assignment policy is not covered by the automatically assign bib numbers by rule function above. Say for instance you would like to assign bibs by wave for a triathlon, you could download your participants, sort them by waves, and then assign bibs to them in the spreadsheet and upload that list back to RunSignUp.

The easiest way to do this is to download a CSV of all of your participants by going to the "Participants > View Participants" screen, and selecting the export button to download a report to CSV. You will then take this spreadsheet and add in a Bib Number column, to which you will add in the bib numbers that you would like to assign to each participant.

Here is an example CSV downloaded from the View Participants screen:

CSV Example

And here is the CSV with the bib numbers added in:

CSV Bib Example

This can now be imported into RunSignUp.

CSV Import Button

Select Choose File, then browse for the CSV that you made with bib numbers assigned.

Be sure that your columns are selected correctly from the dropdowns. You can also check the Allow Duplicate Bib Numbers box if you are going to have duplicate bibs in your event. This is particularly useful for team relay events where multiple people have the same bib number.

CSV Import Matching

Once you are all set, press the Import Bib and Chip Numbers button.

Import Bib and Chip Numbers Button

Assigning Bib Numbers Through Participant Check-In Report

Another way to assign bib numbers is through the Check-In Report found under "Go Race Day > Race Day Check-In".

Start by clicking the Assign Through Quick Participant Report button.

Assign Through Quick Participant Report

This report allows you to quickly look up participants using the Search Participants function:

Search Participants

And to easily assign bib numbers using the Edit/Check-In function found next to the participant's name that you would like to check-in.

Edit/Check-In Button

This will bring up a pop-up which will let you assign the next available bib to this participant. You can either type the number into the field, or use a barcode scanner to automatically put the bib number into the field if you have barcodes on your bibs.

Bib Number Pop-Up

Once you have typed a bib number into the Bib Number field, click Save to save this bib assignment, or Check-In & Save to automatically mark this participant as being checked in.

Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment

RunSignUp has the ability to automatically assign Group/Team bib numbers automatically as groups register.

To begin this process select the Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment button.

Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment

Next you need to define the ranges of bibs that you would like to assign for each Group type. For this scenario there is an event which has 5k and 10k race groups that have a different bib number range set aside for them because the bibs are printed with 5k or 10k on them beforehand.

Race Group Bib Auto-Assignment

What's done here is we have a primary range for each Group type: 1-100 for the 5k, and 301-500 for the 10k. There are secondary ranges for each group as well. These may be leftover bibs from a previous year that you would like to re-use, but only if you run out of your new bibs first.

The secondary ranges for each group type ar 151-200 for the 5k, and 551-600 for the 10k. This means that the first 100 registrants will be assigned to the 1-100 range for the 5k, then the next registrant will jump to bib 151 of the leftovers you had saved from last year.

You can select the Set bib number on existing groups that do not have a bib number check box if you already have groups registered and would like to retroactively assign them bibs.

Set Bib Number Check Box

Once you have everything tailored the way you like it, you are ready to save settings and finish your bib assignments.

Save Settings Button

Race group bib numbers can now be displayed on any reports that you print out, or can be shown on the Check-In report for easy look up.

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