All Tutorials for Runners: Donations

Make a Donation

RunSignUp makes it easy to donate to the charity associated with a race. This video shows the donation page we create for you with a goal…


Becoming a Fundraiser

RunSignUp allows you to create a fundraiser to help raise money for your race.


Manage Your Fundraiser

RunSignUp allows you to manage your fundraiser options. See how in this tutorial.


Create/Join a Fundraising Team

This tutorial shows how to create or join a Fundraising Team.


Manage Your Fundraising Team

This tutorial shows how to manage your Fundraiser Team.

From Our Blog:
Apr 24th, 2017
Sponsor Analytics

We released RunSignUp Analytics for Sponsor only 12 days ago. This gives sponsors a view on how many times their logo has been displayed on a page on the race website. For example, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Run/Walk this past weekend shows the total number of page views for their sponsors (which are displayed … Continue reading "Sponsor Analytics"

Apr 21st, 2017
MyRaces Improvements

We have started making a few improvements to the MyRaces list. This includes a faster way to Add Access to other people who will help you with your race. We have also added better guidance on how many years of data is showing in your race.

What Our Customers Say:

“RunSignUp allows the participants to do everything online. We’re completely hands off – where we might have gotten 50 emails, maybe we get three now.”

- Josh Spiker, Vendurance