How do I issue a refund?

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As the Race Director for your Race, you are able to issue refunds to your participants.

1)  Enter the participant name using the Search by Name toolbar located on the top right of your Race Dashboard. Alternatively, you can search for the participant via Participants -> Participant Management -> Search Participants.

2)  Click on the "Manage" button for the Participant you would like to issue a refund.

3)  On this page, you can view the Participant information as well as perform a list of options including Editing Participant Info, Issue a Refund, Transfers, etc.

Important: You must have funds in the Refund Reserve in order to issue a Refund. By default, if you have refunds or transfers turned on for your Race, RunSignUp will keep some of the race funds in Refund Reserve to pay for potential refunds until the race is completed.

For information on how to add funds to the Refund Reserve, refer to the question "How do I add funds to the Refund Reserve?".

Note: Refund incurs a $1 Refund Processing Fee per participant who is refunded online. This means that you must plan to have more in your Refund Reserve than the original Amount Paid for each participant that you are refunding.

For a tutorial on how to issue a refund, see here.

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