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On, the checkout refers to any page where you enter in your credit card information to cover a transaction. You can learn more about the checkout and making online payments here.


On, the checkout refers to any page where you enter in your credit card information to cover a transaction. The checkout page will give you a detailed breakdown of the entire transaction, including individual prices as well as processing fees. If there are any purchases listed here that you would like to change, the “Edit” button will bring you all the way back to the start of your transaction, so that you can go through and make adjustments to the fields you have already filled out, or you can click on the “Back” button, and you will return to the previous step.

Code Boxes For certain transactions, you may be given fields for entering in coupon codes and/or gift certificates. In either case, you simply need to enter the code into the corresponding text box, and click “Apply”. Note: Only one coupon code can be used per transaction, however, multiple gift certificates can be entered in one at a time.

Credit Card Info Next there will be a section where you can fill out your credit card information. In this section, begin by entering in your first and last name. Below that, fill out the fields for your address and city. Using the drop down menus, specify your country and state. Then, enter in your zip code in the space provided.

After that, type in your card number, followed by the CVV (Card Verification Value) in their designated fields, and use the drop down menus to indicate the expiration date that appears on your credit card.

Note: Acceptable credit cards, as listed below the “card number” field, are American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discover.

Confirmation After you have reviewed the transaction information and your credit card data is entered in correctly, then you can click on “Confirm Payment”, and the transaction will be processed. Once your registration is processed, you will be given confirmation that you are indeed registered, and you can click on the link to print off the confirmation page for your own personal records.

If you are logged into your Facebook account at the time of registration, then you will be asked if you would like to share the news of your registration as a post, and this helps to promote individual races and encourages other runners to join. Also, you can tweet out your involvement with the race by clicking on the Twitter icon.

Mistake Finally, if you feel you have made a mistake, for instance, if you go over the transaction information and realize that you purchased too many wristbands from the race store, then you can scroll down the page and click on “Clear”. By clearing the transaction, you will receive a full refund back to your credit card.

This option will be available to you for up to fifteen minutes after you confirmed your payment, or until you leave the confirmation page (whichever comes first). After this option is no longer accessible, all sales are final and control of refunds is handed over to the individual races.

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- Bob Baney, 3 Way Racing