Add Offline (Paper) Entries

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Open the power of the Cloud to your race. Simply type your paper entries into RunSignUp rather than a spreadsheet. There is no cost for this, and with RunSignUp you can be assured the names will stay confidential - we do not spam your runners. With all of your runner information in one place, you can then easily do reports (such as how many S, M, L and XL shirts were ordered).

From Our Blog:
Jan 13th, 2017
ChronoTrack – RunSignUp: The Open Example

One of the most interesting aspects of the recent ChronoTrack-Athlinks-RunSignUp announcement is it is built on an open foundation. The companies are collaborating to allow their mutual customers choice in meeting their race needs. This means timers and their races will be able to mix-and-match what fits them best. One of the most frequent comments … Continue reading "ChronoTrack – RunSignUp: The Open Example"

Jan 13th, 2017
Volunteer Priorities

We have added a Priority field to Volunteer Tasks. It is set on each task: It will show to Volunteers like this:

What Our Customers Say:

“What I really appreciate RunSignUp, and the team at RunSignUp, is their commitment to innovation and their attitude about it: that innovation is something that they hunger for.”

- Michelle and James Bettis, 3W Races