Race Day Registration

RunSignUp has a set of tools to make race day registration as smooth as possible.

Race Day Registration

RunSignUp has a set of features to allow different types of race day registration. These tools can be found under the Go Race Day menu under Race Day Registration.

Race Day Registration Menu

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode allows you to set up registration kiosks using a tablet or laptop. The kiosk registration is a streamlined registration that gets basic registrant information. It does not ask questions; include a give-away; or allow for teams, fundraisers, or store purchases. It allows registrants to specify that they will pay by cash or credit card.

Race Day Registration Menu

To get Kiosk Mode running first you need to check the Enable kiosk mode box, then go through the list of options below it to customize how you want the kiosk to work.

Be careful when using the Allow registration through kiosk only feature. Enabling this will mean that your online registration will be closed to all registrants besides those using the kiosk system.

Once you’re done customizing your kiosk setup, be sure to click the Save Changes button.

Save Changes

Once you have saved your settings you can now navigate to your kiosk using the link provided above the kiosk customization section.

Kiosk Link

When you click the link you will be brought to a new tab or window that you can use on any computer or tablet to allow quick on site registration.

The participants registering will have to enter in their personal information, sign the waiver, and choose which event they would like to register for. Once they get through these screens they will have to decide how they would like the pay by selecting either Pay with Cash or Check, or Pay with Credit Card.

Kiosk Checkout

Once the participant has paid, they will get to the confirmation landing page, and if you have enable bib assignment through the kiosk, you will be able to add in their bib number here.

Kiosk Bib Assignment

Expo Mode

Expo mode is a setting to simplify registrations during expos. Two things happen in this mode during registration:

Users are not automatically logged in after registering.

A "Next Registrant" button shows on the confirmation screen to start the next registration. This will automatically logout the current user if they have manually signed in.

Expo Mode

Registration Closed Message

This setting allows you to add in a custom message to participants who are trying to register after you have closed registration.

Search Participants

This is a link that brings you to the Check-In screen for the event your working on.

Import (Paper Entries)

If you have an event where you accept paper entries, or otherwise need to add registrants to RunSignUp manually, you can do so using the Import feature.

See this guide to learn how to import paper entries:

Secure Access/Info Sharing

This menu allows a race director to give access to any or all parts of their race dashboard.

See this guide to learn how to set up Secure Access/Info Sharing:

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“We just take an assumptive approach: if you’re going to work with us then, our preferred and exclusive online registration company is RunSignUp. It just makes life so much easier.”

- Bob Baney, 3 Way Racing