Runner Registration (Existing User)

RunSignUp makes it simple for runners to signup for races. Simple signup for a family with multiple runners. Full information about the race. Google map with directions is provided after the runner has signed up. We also make it simple for runners to cancel a race registration within 15 minutes of signing up in case they feel they made a mistake with full refund to their credit card.


If you are an existing user, then registering for a race with RunSignUp is a very simple process. To begin, go to “Race Page” for the race you would like to sign up for. Then, click on either the button marked “Sign Up” under the event you are interested in, or click on the tab marked “Sign Up”. They will both bring you to the start of registration.

Registrant Information

If you are logged in at this time, a box will pop-up allowing you to register yourself (“Register Me”), or anyone else who is a secondary user on your account.

Sign In Box

If you are not logged in at this time, simply scroll down and click on “use existing user”, log into your RunSignUp account, and you will then be given the option to click “Register Me”, or any of the secondary users on your account.

Sign In Box (New)

Update User Information Check to make sure that all of the information is correct and up to date. If changes need to be made, click on “Update User Information”, and make the necessary edits. After that, be sure that the correct event or events you will be participating in are checked off.

Verify Waiver Next, you can click “Add Another Registrant”, and you will be given the option to register an existing user on your account or “Register Someone Else”. Also, you can delete any entrant by clicking on the “X” located at the top right corner of each registrant box.

Add Another Registrant

Once you have finished filling out all of the registrant information, scroll through and read the race waiver, and then check off the box below it if you and everyone registering agree to its terms.

The Following Steps

After clicking “Continue”, the next few steps may vary depending on whether the race is set up for t-shirt giveaways, donations, teams, or other options. In all cases however, you will eventually arrive at the final step in the registration process, the checkout. For more information on this step, please refer to “How to Make Purchases on RunSignUp”.