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As a recap and reference guide, here are the quick paths to finding some of RunSignUp key features we discussed, and some links for more information.

Importing & Managing Imported Registrations

Import Registrations

Participants > Import

  • Explain Amount Paid vs Offline Payment Amount
  • Importing registration dates function
  • Demo Import
  • Demo mapping Event and Shirt Size

Manage Registrations

Participants > View Participants > Manage

  • Transfer Registrations here. Do not edit information unless it is a typo, instead use Bib Exchange to change a registration to another person.
  • Search through non-active registrations by using Search/Change Event > Search All Fields > Registration Status
  • Manage Group/Team

Delete Imports
Participants > View Participants > Report Options > View Imports > Import Date > Delete Import

Bib Assignment Options

Go Race Day > Bibs > Assign Bibs & Chips

Assign Bibs at Registration Time

  • Two Ranges
  • Can use Kiosk to assign Bibs
  • By Event, or share pool
  • Option to assign bibs to those who have already registered

Assign Bib Numbers (Automatically)

  • By Event
  • By Name or Reg date

Manually Assign Bib & Chip Numbers

  • Report to assign Bib & Chip Numbers

Import Bib and Chip Numbers

  • Get Registration ID list by going to Participants > View Participants > Export Options > Download All as CSV

Clear Assigned Bib and Chip Numbers

Assign Through Quick Participant Report

  • Uses online check in report

Setup Group/Team Bib Assignment

  • Limited. Only able to auto assign
  • Is a separate column from Individual Bib #
  • If you need to assign relay team bibs that are the same for multiple participants you can import them manually and most timing software will use the individual bib # if no Group Bib exists.

Bib Validation

  • Lets you define two ranges for each Event. This will work with the Check-In report to limit what bibs you can assign. Does not work if you are working offline with the Check-In App.
  • We have just added the ability to prevent reassigning bibs for deleted or refunded registrations. Usually these will be recycled.

Build Bib Labels

  • Freeform text entry in box to the left. Question marks insert database fields.
  • Be sure to disable auto-fit from printer settings.
RaceDay Results App

  • Auto-poll for results -  Enabled automatically on race day. For testing you will need to enable it manually.
  • Searches through all Events
  • Will zoom to an individual result if there is an exact match on bib
  • Auto Clear Search is very handy for bib lookup kiosks.
  • Ability to lock settings menu.
Watch the recording of RunSignUp 201: Timer Tools

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