View/Manage a Group

If you are an administrator for a group (as is explained in "How to Create/Join a Group"), then you will be able to log in and edit certain details pertaining to the group setup and members. Group management is explained in this help section.


RunSignUp's "Group" feature allows you, as the participant, to self-manage your own group information, which means you don't need to contact the race director for issues regarding group creation, joining and editing.

Keep in mind that RunSignUp's Group/Team system is separate from it's Fundraising Team system. To learn how to view or manage a Fundraising Team see our guide on How to Manage Your Fundraising Team.

Some races offer runners the option to transfer, or gift their registration to another runner. If the race does have this feature enabled, then you can find it by following these steps:

  1. Sign In to RunSignUp
  2. Go to your Profile
  3. Click My Groups/Teams
  4. Click your Group/Team Name
  5. Share, update details, and manage your Group/Team from here

Why do I not see this option? +

This race may not have this feature enabled, or they may have disabled participant management of this feature.

Please contact the race directly with any further questions by using the "Race Contact Info" section of their SignUp page.

Join & Share

The section for "Join & Share" houses the networking resources group members will need to spread the word about their group and encourage others to join. The "Registration URL" row includes the link to a specialized "SignUp" page that is preset to add the registrants to that particular group, and the "Send Email" button allows you to send this link out to potential members via email. Also included, in the "Twitter" row, is a Twitter share button that will let you easily tweet about your group to your friends. The "Get Embed Code" button allows you to embed the entire team page into your own website. The "Join Group/Team" button will take users directly to the specialized "SignUp" page for that group.


Join & Share

Group Details

Group Details

The "Group Details" section will list the current settings of your group. This table will include the "Race Date", the date the group was created, the "Group Type", and the "Number of Members" in the group, and if applicable, the "Group Size", "Gender Restriction", and "Age Restriction".

Note: These settings are not open for editing after the initial group creation process. If you would like to modify any of these settings, you will need to contact the race directly, and they will be able to make the changes for you. Their email is listed in the "Race Contact Info" section of the race page and confirmation email.

Team Name & Passwords

If you click on the "Update" button, you will be able to edit both the "Group/Team Name" and the "Optional Password".


Note: If you have forgotten your password, then the "Update" section is where you need to go in order to change it to something new.

Update Group/Team Name

Delete a Group

To delete a group entirely, you will need to contact the race directly. Their email is listed in the "Race Contact Info" section of the race page and confirmation email.

Social Settings

The "Social Settings" button allows you to customize your group page by adding a logo and social networking links.

Social Settings

To add your group’s logo, click on the button for "Choose File", and select the logo image that you would like to use.

You can use the corresponding text fields to enter in your "Facebook Page URL" and "Twitter Username". Once entered, these links will appear in the "Join & Share" section of your group page.

Social Settings

Race Group Administrators

Race Group Administrators

Aside from the race director, and those with race director permission, "Race Group Administrators" are the only other users with the ability to modify the group information.

You can add as many "Race Group Administrators" as you would like by clicking on the button for "Add Administrator".

Add Group Administrator

"Race Group Administrators" can be removed by clicking on the "X" next to their name.

IMPORTANT: Setting a user as a "Race Group Administrator" does not automatically add them to the group.


Underneath each "Race Group Administrator's" email address, you have the ability to either "Enable" or "Disable" the notifications sent to that user pertaining to the group.

Group Members

Under the "Group Members" heading, you will find a listing of all the members in your group. Members can be added by clicking on the button for "Add Member".

Add Member

Members can be deleted by clicking on the "X" in line with their row of the table, and then hitting the button for "Yes, Remove Member".

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