Where are my race proceeds? What happened to the rest of the money owed?

Rest assured, your Race funds are on the way! You can view your Balance Owed amount on your Financial Summary page by navigating to Race Dashboard -> Financial -> Summary. Here is a tutorial on how to view your financial summary.

You can view your Upcoming Payment Detail on your Manage Payment Account page by navigating to Profile -> Payment Accounts -> Manage. Here is a tutorial on how to view/manage your Payment Account.

The actual amount shown on your Upcoming Payment Detail may differ from your Balance Owed amount due to settlement timeline of individual transactions and bank holidays. Either way, your Race funds will be paid out to you according to your payment schedule.

Direct Payments - The deposit amount will reflect on your bank statement in 2-3 banking days after the Initiation day on the Upcoming Payment Detail.

Check Payments - Check payments are processed each Monday or Tuesday (depending on account type) for any race that has over $200 as of the previous Friday at midnight OR any race that has finished at that time regardless of the amount owed.  You can expect to receive the check in 5-6 business days after the Initiation day on the Upcoming Payment Detail.

If the above does not answer your question, please see the answer to the question "Why is it taking so long to send my money?".

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