Why did I receive a 1099-K form?

Races will be sent the 1099-K form by 1/31, in the prior calendar year, when the following criteria are met:

1)  Gross payments that exceed $20,000
2)  More than 200 transactions

For more information, see links below:
IRS 1099-K FAQs
Understanding Your Form 1099-K

As a Payment Facilitator, RunSignUp, under the IRC Section 6050W, is required to send 1099-K forms to all entities that meet the above criteria. According to the IRS, this provision is designed to improve voluntary tax compliance by business taxpayers and assist the IRS in determining the tax returns are correct and accurate.

For assistance in filing your 1099-K, please consult a Tax Advisor.

If you believe the information on your 1099-K form is incorrect, please email for assistance.

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“Another feature that we like about the fee structure is our ability to either eat the fee or split it with the racer – especially for some of our longer distance races. $70 is $70.”

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