Our Philosophy

We are runners. We want to help the running community by providing Cloud and Web services that help make things easier for runners, race directors, club directors, timing services, coaches and really everyone who makes up the running community.

We believe that the web is a collection of people coming together in various ways, and there should be no "central site" for where people find information on running, signup for races or clubs, or seek community. We think that is held in thousands of more local places – real places like running stores and real local events like 5K's and marathons, or thousands of running clubs. These are supported by local businesses and have lots more going on in their lives than to worry about how to take advantage of technology to make their running lives easier.

Therefore, we want to enable things like races and clubs and timing services having their own websites for free. We want to let runners easily signup for events and clubs and coaching services right on those websites. We want to let local sponsors get the credit they deserve for supporting local races.

We want to have fun with technology and make it easy for the running community to use. We started this in 2009, and are still building the "basics", but we already have a lot of "fun" things we do – like automatic Facebook page creation when you create a race – and we even let people signup right in Facebook for your race! Things like graphical reporting for T-Shirt sizes ordered in your race. Things like making it easy for the race director and timing service access participant information – no more mailing spreadsheets!

What we do NOT want to do is become a central site that all running sites point to. We do NOT want to advertise. We do NOT want to collect runner names and sell them.

Our business model is pretty simple. Build a team with a few really, really smart developers, a few people who help customers who are really, really into running, leverage Cloud technology, try to make our service self-serve, and rely upon partners like the Road Runners Club of America, RunningintheUSA,com and many local timing services to help reach out and help the running community. This keeps our heart in the right place, makes us efficient, and keeps our costs low. We make money by charging a small processing fee whenever someone places a credit card transaction thru our system. Fortunately our competition has set such high costs for this, we can afford to be less expensive and because we focus just on running – provide a far better place for the running community. Everyone wins!