Direct Payments

Our new, preferred Direct Payment systems allows races and clubs to become ”sub-merchants“ and be paid daily, weekly, or monthly directly by the credit card system. This ensures timely cash flow for you, and eliminates fraud concerns.

Refund Processing Service

Whether you offer unlimited refunds or process them only in extreme circumstances, we can help you out. For a processing fee of $1 per refund, we will automate your refund procedure to allow either Race Directors or runners to process refunds according to your race specifications.

Results Notification Service

FREE participant notification of all final time results. For a fee, we can also provide Split notifications — for example, sending a notification at each mile point for a runner. Split notifications up to 25,000 have a set-up cost of $1,000, with a $0.01 charge per text over that.

Multi-Person SignUp Discount

Because we charge runners a fee by transaction, not item, they can claim a significant savings by registering as a family or group. Additionally, multi-person registrations streamline the process and reduce the data entry for registering runners.

Fast and Consistent Payment

With Direct Payments, choose to receive payment for your registrations on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Click here or look under the Payment Schedule heading below to see our payment schedule.

Flexible Processing Fee Options

RunSignUp allows Race Directors to set flexible payment options for race fees, donation fees, and store fees. The processing fee can be included in the race fee, added as an addition to the race fee, or split 50-50.


Set Up Now

  • We ask you for the minimum amount of information necessary to satisfy credit card processing rules to set up your payment account.
  • You can choose to make payments to yourself or to a business, charity or other non-profit entity like a school.
  • You can choose to receive either direct deposit (preferred) or check payments and can receive direct deposit payments weekly or monthly. Check payments are available weekly only.

Set Up Later (Perfect for Timers)

  • Our innovative Quick Start payment system allows you to set up your race now, begin taking registrations now and come back later to give us the instructions on the payment account.
  • Send an email to a Race Director, Finance Manager or anyone who has the account details with instructions on finishing the set up of the payment account.


Advanced Payment Option

  • Enter a bit more information to set up your payment account and receive the added benefits of an Advanced Payment account including:
    • Reduced credit card processing fees on donations.
    • More detailed financial reporting.
    • Payment frequency up to daily.
  • The information requirements for an individual are the same under both processing options, so we automatically process individuals under the Advanced Payment Option.
  • If you are a business, charity or other non-profit entity we will present you with the choice to set up the Advanced Payment Option at the time you set up your payment account.
  • Any other business or non-profit entity who wants the additional benefits can move to the Advanced Payment Option at any time.
  • Direct deposit payments available weekly or daily. Check payments are available weekly only.

Payment Schedule

Click the links below to select the payment schedule you wish to view.

Quick Setup
Quick Setup
(Direct Deposit)
Advanced Setup
Advanced Setup
(Direct Deposit)
Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly
N/A N/A N/A Daily
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