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Cooper got very upset and cried to his mom about how people don't treat the Earth well and they are ruining it.

As both his mom and an Environmental Science Teacher,  I immediately started suggesting things that we could do to help people who are hurt by the negative impact of humans on the environment. Drink Local Drink Tap's founder, Erin has spoken to my students in the past telling her story of how she got started by delivering blankets to people in need sleeping on the streets. Her story immediately came to mind listening to my son tell me how he just wants people to do the right thing and not hurt our world. So.

Cooper and I signed up for the "4 miles 4 water" 1 mile walk to help do our part.  This organization is amazing and does such positive work. If you'd like to donate in Cooper's name, I know he would be thrilled and can see the impact just one person can have by caring. 

If you're asking, "Who is drink local drink tap?" this is how they answer that question:

"Who We Are
Drink Local. Drink Tap. Inc. is an international non-profit organization focused on solving water equity and quality issues. We do this through education, advocacy, and creating affordable, safe clean water sources and sanitation facilities."

Thank you for going above and beyond to help Drink Local. Drink Tap. 

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