Wausau 24 Bike & Trail Run Event

Fri July 23 - Sun July 25, 2021 Wausau, WI 54401 US Directions

Questions and Answers to the basics

Does a team need to be racing bikes on the course of the whole race event time?

No, you may be off course once you complete a full lap during the race event.

How do we change riders?

the rider on course approaches the "transition area" another team member is already in place in the "transition area". once the current rider on course crosses the lap line the next team member must then have physical contact with their teammate and then may start their lap or laps.

Do you need to switch team members after each lap?
no, you may have team members ride multiple laps.

Who wins?

The team with the most laps wins. You may enter a new lap as long as the time has not run out, teams on the course when the time ends must finish that lap for it to count towards their total.  All final lap competitors must be on the course competing by the time your event time expires. ie all 6-hour racers with an unfinished lap must be on the course competing by 4 pm.  THIS IS A CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS YEARS.  ASK QUESTIONS IF NEEDED ON FINISHING RULES.

Can we camp on-site?
Limited campsites are available for FREE for the weekend to participating teams and their support crews.  This is for both Friday and Saturday nights.  All campsites must be cleaned up when done.  Options for camping Sunday night are available upon request for no additional charge.

We have designated solo team areas directly adjacent to the course as well as a motorized RV camping area (or campers using generators ) and tent camping areas. Quiet hours are after 11 pm on Friday and after midnight till 7 am on Saturday-Sunday.

Anything to eat on-site?

Yes, Concessions  Friday and Saturday from several local vendors.  We are also serving late-night pizza FREE starting at 10:30 pm for all participants along with beverage options for adults and younger. There are also snacks and water for all paid racers during the events on the racecourse and in the transition area.

Can we drink beers?

If you are the legal age, and act responsibly as with any social outing, yes.   We will fall back on state and local laws regarding public consumption and notify the appropriate people if needed.  Enjoy but don't be stupid basically covers it.  

Can we have campfires at our campsite?

NO FIREWOOD MAY BE BROUGHT INTO NINE MILE.  Muddy Paws Racing is providing FREE firewood for all campers.  See the site and camping map for locations of firewood.  Use as needed.
We will need to watch the fire danger situation for the weekend and post signage at that time.  Don't bring any wood from outside the area.   Fires will need to be in raised or enclosed fire rings and have a good way to control it at all times.  Clean up.

Is there a good internet signal on-site?

Cell coverage depends on your provider.  There is not site-wide wifi available. You can check your results in the expo area on provided laptops or follow the link that will be available race weekend for live results.  

Will there be medical staff on-site?

Yes, we have full staff on-site for the entire event.  They will be based out of the main chalet.  We are also in contact with the Rib Mountain ambulance squad if needed. WORBA will be supplying the medical staff once again.

Garbage? Bathrooms? Recycling? Showers?
Yes on all, we will have portable toilets in all camping areas and the transition area.  Garbage dumpsters will be located in central areas and garbage cans will be in the expo area. Hot rinse off shower stations will be available throughout the weekend for participants and campers.  Limited number of shower stations.

When can we get a campsite?
12:00 pm on Friday of the race weekend, prior to that the entrance to the parking and camping areas will be blocked off to participants, spectators, and support crews.  Once the gate is open we will have parking attendants to guide you to your camping area based on your team size.  If you want to hang out next to people and other specific teams, show up together, then you can park together.  One vehicle per site. ONE VEHICLE PER SITE WILL BE ENFORCED THIS YEAR TO HELP GIVE EVERYONE APPROPRIATE CAMPING SPACE.
(example: one tent, one car, one RV, one car, two RV's, two cars.)  extra vehicles will need to be parked in the main parking area in front of the chalet. then onto the road as things fill up.  FREE to participants. Reserved campsites are available in a limited number.  These are numbered sites in both solo and group camping areas.

How many teams place and get awards?

Based on the number of teams participating and registered in a category will determine the number of teams that will be able to receive medals during the awards ceremony.  See the rules and regulations page for complete details

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