When a young person in our community is on the streets, or hopping from couch to couch, at risk of being homeless, or at risk of being separated from their parents, there is only one place they can turn, Ozone House.

Homelessness means a lack of safe, stable, reciprocal relationships and vulnerability to dangers such as physical assault, sexual assault, or human trafficking. Tragically, many endure trauma or exploitation in exchange for a place to sleep. Up to 40% of youth who are homeless identify as LGBTQ+. These youth are at higher risk than their peers for bullying, violence, exploitation, and discrimination.

Ozone House is available 24/7 to help youth and families struggling with such issues as family conflict, runaway episodes, homelessness, suicide, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, sexual orientation and gender identity, and other crises. Whether youth need shelter, housing, counseling, support, life skills or job training, to enroll in school, or just a hot meal, our door is always open. (established in 1969).