Heritage Hero Run + Stroll + Roll

Rochester, NY - 9/10/2022 | Buffalo, NY - 9/17/2022
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Addie Dermody

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Team Addie 2022

By now, I'm sure most of you are aware that our eldest, Adelina, lives with intellectual disabilities. Although her physical abilities are pretty typical, her cognitive functioning is not. This can make us, as parents, feel a bit helpless. Heritage Christian Services is an organization that has assisted us with Addie’s service coordination in the past, helps with her self-direction services, and now provides her daily Day Habilitation program now that she is an adult! HCS is an organization founded by parents of a developmentally disabled individual who wanted to ensure the proper care and meaningful life of their beloved and wanted to leave a legacy of this compassionate care for generations of other families living with disabilities. They run high quality homes for adults and offer day programs, respite and community habilitation. They run the Pieters Family Life Center, Springdale Farm and Heritage Christian Stables. They do SOOO much for this community and the families they give peace of mind to...families that can rest assured that their loved one is in caring and capable hands when they are not there to care for them. Families like the us.

The Dermodys started to support this annual fundraising event in 2011 by attending it and by running in the 5K. In 2012, we started fundraising as TEAM ADDIE!! It is wonderful being all together in a place that I don't have to worry about getting "the looks" from people while out with Addie. It is great getting the support of so many friends and family through donations, kind words, or by joining us at the event! It means so much, and it's not so much about the money, but it's about knowing we're not doing this alone, as it can be a difficult road, especially without supports!

The annual event for Heritage now takes on the theme of the Heritage Hero. Participants and donors are encouraged to dedicate their walk/run/donate in honor of/in memory of their hero. We encourage YOU to do the same! 

Clearly Team Addie was formed in honor and support of Addie, and it will always have that focus, however, one of Team Addie’s fiercest supporters and loyal attendees was my incredible Dad, Sal Vicente, who in February of 2015, after a brief but intense battle with pancreatic cancer, was promoted to eternity. While we know those streets of gold beat the concrete we run/walk on, we will forever miss him cheering on the runners and walking with us. However, we know he is providing some heavenly support and will always be Addie's faithful "Tito", no matter which side of heaven he is on. 

Team Addie will always honor the following individuals who left this world before we were ready for them to, but who also were able to be a part of Team Addie through their presence at the event and/or family participation over the years. Along with honoring Addie, we walk in memory of our heroes:

Sal Vicente

Regina Marcello

Steve DeRooy

John McElhaney 

Dave McElhaney

Julie DiSanto

Baby Emmett Sadowski

We also walk in honor of Aidan Moyer...son of Annie and Pete Moyer, who have been amazing Team Addie supporters since its inception in 2012. Aidan is one blessed child who was born to wonderful parents and five older siblings in 2019. Aidan was born prematurely and had an uphill battle but came out a fighter! His diagnosis of Down Syndrome may have added a bit to his initial struggles, but with such an amazing family, he has the best support system! We are honored to have Aidan join our list of Heroes! 

Please support Team Addie 2022!! Every penny counts! You are helping so many families who count on Heritage’s invaluable services.

Join us virtually for the 5K and/or the Mile Stroll & Roll! Joining us at the event also gets you an all day pass to Seabreeze Amusement Park. Win, win! We’d love to make a collage with all the pics we receive! 


 Steve & Cristina

Adelina, Eliana, Isabela & Seamus

Although donating online is the most safe and efficient way to make a gift, if you prefer, you can mail your donation to:
Heritage Christian Services
Attn: Sue Hoh / Heritage Hero
275 Kenneth Drive, Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14623

Top Donors

$8,260 Raised By 105 Donors

$2,000 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Bethanne Hollis
$500 from Anonymous
$500 on behalf of Pat Medeiros
$250 on behalf of Brandon Easton
$250 on behalf of Jennifer valentine
$250 from Anonymous
$250 on behalf of Tommy Vullo
$200 on behalf of Margarita Vicente
$200 on behalf of Matt Cavalieri
$100 on behalf of Carlos Vicente
$100 on behalf of Dave & Patricia Dermody
$100 on behalf of DeBeech Family
$100 on behalf of Jason DeMocker
$100 on behalf of Joseph Ingrassio
$100 from Anonymous
$100 in memory of Regina Anne Marcello
$100 on behalf of Susan Godula
$100 on behalf of The Mirrione Family
$50 on behalf of Amy Lembo
$50 in memory of Annette Galvano
$50 on behalf of Bob Godula
$50 on behalf of Carmella Bertolone
$50 on behalf of Cavalieri Family
$50 on behalf of Christine Holahan
$50 on behalf of Courtney Campbell
$50 on behalf of Elisabeth Ambrose
$50 on behalf of Gina Ghysel
$50 on behalf of Keena Smith
$50 on behalf of Kimberly Fisher
$50 on behalf of Kristen Bianchi
$50 on behalf of Lori Gaenzler
$50 on behalf of The Haywards
$45 on behalf of Kimberly and BethAnn
$40 on behalf of Beth Wolicki
$40 on behalf of Shawna Spriggs
$30 on behalf of Hannah Fedei
$30 on behalf of Lori Mannhardt
$25 on behalf of Addie Dermody
$25 on behalf of Amanda Seewagen
$25 on behalf of Amy Taylor
$25 on behalf of Andrew McCormack
$25 on behalf of Anna Joselson
$25 on behalf of Annie Cialdella
$25 on behalf of Ashley Kelly
$25 on behalf of Ashley Melinis
$25 on behalf of Barb Bednar
$25 on behalf of Barbara Culkin
$25 on behalf of Becky Zelesnikar
$25 on behalf of Carla Carducci
$25 on behalf of Carla Davidson
$25 on behalf of Caroline Dean
$25 on behalf of Carolyn Magner
$25 on behalf of Cindy Tabacco
$25 on behalf of Danielle Palmiero
$25 on behalf of Dyan Menges
$25 on behalf of Eileen Antonienko
$25 on behalf of Elizabeth OBrien
$25 on behalf of Emily Peterson
$25 on behalf of Evonne Johnson
$25 on behalf of Gina Masters
$25 on behalf of Grizel Melillo
$25 on behalf of Helen Casserly
$25 on behalf of Jess Rogers
$25 on behalf of Jessica Nordhausen
$25 on behalf of Jessica Paine
$25 on behalf of Katie Girvin
$25 on behalf of Leah Levine
$25 on behalf of Lindsay Peown
$25 on behalf of Lisa Baxter
$25 on behalf of Lisa Nowakowski
$25 on behalf of Lola stockmaster
$25 on behalf of Marcialee Dahlman
$25 on behalf of Margaret McManus
$25 on behalf of Marji Robinson
$25 on behalf of Marshall Sharon
$25 on behalf of MaryEllen Spence
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Michelle Potter
$25 on behalf of Monica Virgil
$25 on behalf of My Mother, Charlene
$25 on behalf of Nicole Berg
$25 on behalf of Nina Ornt
$25 on behalf of Robin Scheuer
$25 on behalf of Robin VanDemark
$25 on behalf of Roseann DiProspero
$25 on behalf of Sashellle Hank
$25 on behalf of Stephanie Sanders
$25 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Tania Joy
$25 on behalf of Tessa Young
$25 on behalf of Tracy Bekridakis
$25 on behalf of Wendy Graus
$25 on behalf of Yolanda Quackenbush
$20 on behalf of Christina Wood
$20 on behalf of Jan Pinto
$20 on behalf of Laura Brockman
$20 on behalf of Susan Cipura
$20 on behalf of Tiffany Male
$20 on behalf of Tracey Weissman
$15 on behalf of Shannon Hunt
$10 on behalf of Alexis Hoeschele
$10 on behalf of Danielle Willmott
$10 on behalf of Staci Masseth
$10 on behalf of William and Gwen Hill, Jr.

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