Dr. Schwartz and his staff are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of complex, chronic pain, weakness, numbness, immunological compromise, and functional impairment for back, neck, spine and ligament pain; fibromyalgia; osteoarthritis; overuse injuries; sports injuries; thoracic outlet syndrome; reflex sympathetic dystrophy; peripheral neuropathy; peripheral arterial disease; polio; dystonia; lupus like syndromes; or any chronic pain you have not been able to get diagnosed.

   His team is dedicated to helping their patients get to the root cause of their problem and finding the best possible way to help them heal.

   They also recognize that both the diagnosis of these conditions and being a patient in today’s health environment can be difficult, so he and his staff encourage patient involvement in the decision making process. They believe that health care is personal and do their best to foster an office environment that is consistent with their vision: Your Life. Your Health. Your Peace.


    If you miss the personal care and concern of the old-style family doctor, you’ll discover that genuine concern, attention to detail, and personal care for the whole patient once again right here in this private practice – Piedmont Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.