Grab four of your best friends and head to Dance on the DL for a fun Friday night dance session, plus enjoy a DDL t-shirt! Retail value: $175
Expires 9/15/20

Why Dance on the DL?
We believe that dancing should be fun and welcoming to everyone.  We also know that dance classes, especially for those that are new to dancing or have limited experience can be scary and overwhelming.  That inner dialogue of “what am I getting into?” usually followed by a brief moment of pure panic and the contemplation, “if I leave now, no one will ever know I was here.”  We get it.  And this is why we chose the name and created, Dance on the DL.

If you were a child of the 80’s or even early 90’s you are familiar with the saying, “Keep it on the DL.” Translation… keep it on the down low or discreet.  Fortuitously, it is also our initials (Doreen and Linda).  Our mission is to provide everyone with the opportunity to dance in a safe environment that is judgement free, fun and supportive.  We want them to feel that dance class is not about becoming a world-renowned dancer or the next star on “So You Think You Can Dance” (although if that is your goal…GET….IT!).  Dance class is about fun.  It’s about letting go.  It’s about doing something for you that makes you feel good.  One of dancing’s great benefits is it allows you to express your emotions.  Had a bad day?  Hit the dance floor, sweat it out and you walk out that door feeling like a new person.  To us, dancing is freedom and we want everyone to experience that feeling in the most supportive environment possible.  This is our why.