Virtual Run FAQ

What is a Virtual Run?

A virtual run (or challenge) is a run that can be completed at your convenience. Signup, then run or walk the distance of the race at any point during the race time window at an outdoor location of your choice. You can even do it on a treadmill. We will send you your "finish line" swag (e.g., Shirt, Mask, Hat, Pizza Credit, etc.) after you evidence completion. For all virtual challenges, aside from the 5k, you can complete the cumulative distance in as many runs as you'd like.

How do I evidence run completion so I can get all my cool stuff?

1.)   Follow the instructions found within the Results tab. We will send you reminders, via RunSignUp email integration, to log your results. That's all you need to do to finish the challenge and receive your swag (e.g. Shirt, Masks, Hat, etc.). However, to be eligible to "win" any additional awards you must join our Strava club and record your performance on the app. This is for verification purposes.

Do I need to download Strava after registering?

If you want to be eligible to win additional awards, Yes. Otherwise, No.

However, we suggest all challengers utilize Strava & join our "5K or Pizza" Strava Run Club for the best Virtual Race experience. Why? Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (they work with your GPS watches too). Start Strava before an activity and you can track your favorite performance stats, and afterwards, dive deep into your data. Record an activity and it goes to your Strava feed, where your friends and followers can share their own races and workouts, give kudos to great performances, and leave comments on each other's activities.

*To download Strava, click the STRAVA link on our website, signup for a free account if you don’t already have one, join our running club “5K for Pizza”, complete your intended run distance(s) while recording on the app, and then save your activity with the “Who can see” option set to “Everyone”. Initial download and setup is a breeze, and only takes a few minutes. 

When do I have to complete the virtual run? When will you mail out my awards (e.g., Shirt, Mask, Hat, Pizza Credit)?

You have from June 15th and until midnight of July 31st, 2020 to complete and log your results for the 5K, Half, Full, and Grand Tour Virtual Challenges.  We will mail out your items after you evidence completion, but no sooner than June 22nd (a week after registration closes).

Can I walk instead of run?

You can go at whatever pace you want. The benefit of a virtual race is that it gives you the autonomy to "race" when and wherever you want, and at whatever pace you feel like. However, we will DQ if your pace suggest you were actually driving your car...(don't worry we'll still mail you your stuff, ya cheater).

I ran really fast, I won, and now I want an award. Thx.

Congrats! Go treat yourself to some pizza. If you want to be eligible to "win" any award you must record the performance on STRAVA so we can verify the result. Do NOT manually upload the activity to Strava, or ride a bike. We will notice. You must record the activity with the app. 

What is your refund policy?

Per our registration policy, we do not issue refunds under any circumstances. If you have any questions about the offering, please ask prior to registering.

Am I allowed to run with a group of friends?

We will likely have runners from many states, and potentially multiple countries. We can not speak to every local, state, or federal law and / or guideline. The onus is on you to know what these guidelines are, and to follow them. Common sense also doesn't hurt; it's likely best not to run with groups during this time. Also, mask up! We'll be sending you custom masks with your registration.

Do I need to be from NJ to be part of this event?

No! Everyone is welcome. The only thing you'll miss out on, if you are not from the area, is our local JackRabbit in-store discount (which is available to those who can physically go to the store in Hoboken for contactless curb side pickup).

I actually hate pizza, and am only doing your race b/c I like to run.

We probably won't be friends, but we have options for you.

#1 You do not have to order pizza in the Slice can order any item from the restaurant you're ordering from (e.g., a salad).

#2 You can elect (during the checkout process) to waive your in app Slice credits. You'll no longer receive your in App credits in this case, but you'll also receive a dollar for dollar discount on your registration. 

What do you mean "the App Credits may sell out at any time"?

Our Virtual event, just like our in-person events, require the design, production, delivery, and purchase of various items in order to produce the race (e.g., Masks, Shirts, Bibs, etc.). The in app credits are no different, and our supply is finite. If we sell out of the race (aka sell out of our inventory), we may close registration just like we would for an in-person event. Or, we may devise another value offering as an alternative (for those who missed the first one). 

Does this Virtual Challenge mean that your Second Annual 5K for Pizza (on September 26th in Hoboken) is cancelled? Are you replacing your Second Annual (in person) event with this virtual challenge?

The short answer is "No". The long answer is...We are offering this Virtual challenge, which is a separate event, as a way to keep us all motivated and connected during this challenging time. Our permits have been approved for our second annual in-person event on September 26th, and no order has been given to cancel it. However, we are closely monitoring the situation, and will coordinate with the appropriate officials prior to offering those tickets for sale (registration is not currently open). In the meantime, let's prepare for the worst and hope for the best; mark your calendars and get training! We will keep you updated if anything changes.


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