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Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASAs) are trained community volunteers who are appointed by judges to serve as the voice for children in foster care. By getting to know their assigned child and the people involved in the child’s life, Advocates fight for the best interest of children and serve as a consistent, responsible, adult presence in their life. Through recommendations made in court, Advocates ensure that their CASA child’s needs are being met and that they’re not lost in our overburdened child welfare system.

CASA Jefferson's Mission:
To break the cycle of child abuse and neglect through volunteers advocating for safe, nurturing, and permanent homes for foster children in our community.
Who we help:
Children who are removed from their homes because of reported abuse and/or neglect and are placed in foster care situations. During a lengthy and complex process, a judge will determine where they may safely and permanently placed. This is where an advocate steps in.
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