Northstar Funding Inc is a Hoboken based mortgage company that specializes in residential and commercial loans in various states.  Northstar just celebrated its 12th year in business in Hoboken.

Why did you decide to support the HoBOOken Shelter?

Here at Northstar Funding, we believe that we are only as strong as the community we work and live in.  The Hoboken Shelter provides so many benefits to those less fortunate and that's something we stand behind as a company!

Why is giving back to the community important to you?

Many of us at Northstar Funding not only work in Hoboken, we live in the area.  Our community is a reflection of us as individuals - one small act of kindness can change the world.

Tell us more about your relationship with the Hoboken Shelter?

We are often in awe of the wonderful things the Hoboken Shelter does for those less fortunate in our area.  We frequently contribute to their Amazon wish list for those items that are needed!

What is your favorite thing about the HoBOOken 5K race?

This is our first year sponsoring and participating in the HoBOOken 5K race and cannot wait to experience all it has in store.