People long to connect. It’s what makes us human. We identify and connect with individuals, with communities, with ideas and with brands. The ways we connect are often emotional, sometimes irrational but always meaningful. We must bring meaning to every experience your employees and customers have with your brand. We do this by declaring what a brand truly stands for in the most engaging manner possible. Which brings us to Story.

In the age of information, people keep giving and getting too much of it when they really want insight and what they crave is meaning. At Bolster, we define Story as the most meaningful way to communicate a message. Stories contain an emotional context that facts alone cannot provide. They humanize a brand by beginning and ending with the people whose lives are improved by the products and services your company provides. And finally, stories invite people to participate. Enter Experience.

We’ve seen commodity and service-based economies give way to an experience economy in which every interaction affects brand reputation. People are no longer satisfied to be passive consumers of media. They want to participate, to be engaged, to become part of a larger, narrative-rich experience. How we share our brand stories and invite our customers and employees to become part of those stories shapes how brand loyalty is built. We must engage audiences by empowering them to co-create and to build our brand stories along with us.

We focus our efforts in three core verticals where our personal passions can blend with our professional ones: Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage, and Cause & Community. Our background, knowledge, and expertise in these fields fuels our work.