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Don't Try. JUST DO IT!
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Raised of $18,000


About the Team:

This team is dedicated in memory of Chaiya Drabkin a"h, the co-founder of The Jewish Caring Network/Gevuras Yarden. 

Don't try, JUST DO IT. Words that my mother a"h said to us many times.

We all have that voice inside us, the voice with the big idea, the voice that wants to help out, the voice that wants to volunteer. And we tell ourselves that we'll try. But...we'll try when the right opportunity comes along. We'll try when the timing is better. We'll try when we're less busy.

Stop trying and START DOING!

Every one of us can get our big ideas done, we just have to do them!

Right now you have an incredible opportunity. An opportunity to help out in such a huge way.

How? It's easy! All you have to do is make a donation to this amazing organization, and you have partnered up to help out families that are truly in need, during a very hard time.

Want to do something even bigger? Sign up for the race and join this team! It's free and simple to do, and this year, you don't even need to get sweaty! Just make a racer profile, and then reach out to your family and friends so they can become doers as well. All it takes is a text, a Whatsapp, or an email, and you've accomplished something huge.

It's that easy - and look at what you've done!

I can tell you first-hand that the work that the Jewish Caring Network does changes and touches lives. Lives of individuals, lives of whole families, and my life as well.

Don't try, Just Do It.

Top Donors

$3,836 Raised By 39 Donors

$360 donated by Binyomin Wealcatch
$360 donated by Steven Friedman
$300 from Anonymous
$250 donated by Ahron Leib And Reena Wealcatch
$180 donated by Susan & Jon Silver
$180 donated by Tali and Michelle Strum
$125 from Anonymous
$120 donated by Gil Neuman
$120 donated by Joel Drabkin
$120 donated by Michael Feld
$120 donated by Michoel Feldbaum
$120 donated by Sean Brodie
$120 donated by Zack & Tami Teichman
$118 donated by Mark and Elana Feld
$100 donated by Avrohom Yudkowsky
$100 donated by Eliyahu Wiener
$100 donated by Elliot Sonnenblick
$100 donated by Oren Strum
$72 from Anonymous
$72 from Anonymous
$54 donated by Eli Atias
$54 donated by Shai and Chani Meyerowitz
$50 donated by Akiva and Yael Strum
$50 donated by Alan Sonnenblick
$50 donated by Eli and Dani Drabkin
$50 from Anonymous
$50 donated by George and Brenda Strum
$50 donated by Moshe Raskin
$50 donated by Paul Bernzweig
$36 from Anonymous
$36 donated by mark and elana feld
$36 donated by Sruli Schon
$25 donated by Dorothy Drabkin
$18 donated by Ariel Kramer
$18 donated by Chaim Finkelstein
$18 from Anonymous
$18 donated by Mordi Spero
$18 donated by Rafi Strum
$18 donated by Shua Lowenthal
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