Fleet Feet Aquathon Series - Madison

Thu June 25 - Thu August 27, 2020 Madison, WI US 53704 Directions

• All registrations will be online only this year.
• We will not allow in-person registrations at the event site.
• When registering, you will be asked to sign up for a wave.
o While we would prefer to have individuals self-seed (by speed; Wave #1 is fastest) we
realize that this may not be possible with your commute/evening plans. So please do
your best to sign up for an appropriate wave to ensure athlete-passing-athlete
interactions are reduced.
• Each wave will have a participant cap.

Packet Pick Up
• Participants to arrive at the packet pickup tables no earlier than 15 minutes before their
SPECIFIC Start time. Participants should be prepared with their swimsuit/wetsuit already on and
all gear in hand. If they decide to do a warm-up, they will be required to do so AWAY from the
course and site.
• Participants arrive at the Multi-Sport Tag Pickup tent during their designated start window.
Participants are required to maintain 6 feet of distancing from staff and other participants.
o Cones will be placed upon the ground marking 6’ separation points.
• Participants MUST wear a face covering when getting multi-sport tag number.
• There will be 2 lines to check in with two tables (8 feet) between participants and staff (Staff will
be wearing a mask and have a plexiglass shield separating them from the participant)
• When called up by staff, there will be a mark on the ground where participant should stand.
Staff will ask for participant name and slide a multi-sport tag across the table. The participant
will grab the multi-sport tag from the table and exit the area per the signs.
• Between athletes, RDE staff will sanitize and wipe down tables.
• Participant moves to transition and start area while attaching the multi-sport tag.

• Once participants have stopped at Packet Pickup, they will make their way into transition to set
down their items and we ask them to do so quickly to allow us to keep a good flow. We ask
athletes to keep 10 feet from the next participants setup.
• Each participant will have their own transition area with circular space at least equal to 4’ radius
(8’ diameter)
• This will be monitored by staff to keep 10 or less people inside transition setting up.
• Transition will be made larger to allow for greater spacing.

Start Area:
• Once participants place their items in transition, we ask that they move to the start line and
keep social distancing.
• The start area will be positioned away from the packet pickup and transition area.
• There will be a time trial start with one participant starting every 40-60 seconds.
• There will only be timing mats and a staff member at the start line.
• Once in the start area, there will be a staff member giving an audible signal for the participant to
• Participants will continue to keep 6 feet of space between each other as needed.
o Cones will be placed upon the ground marking 6’ separation points.
• The swim course has been reversed and participants will swim clockwise (i.e. Right turns)
around the swim course.
• The run course has been altered to be a loop rather than an out-and-back.
• There will be directional arrows and cones to direct participants on the run course.
• The paths are open to the public. Participants are advised to be cautious of others and maintain
6 feet of separation at all times.
• Athletes MUST keep to their right when possible to allow for safe passing at 6 feet of separation
on the left.
• Athletes should make it known when passing by announcing they are passing left.
• To eliminate contact, there will be no aid stations, water or other support items on the course.
Athletes are asked to be self-sufficient and bring their own water with them inside transition.
• To minimize contact, the course was designed to be self-explanatory and need little or no staff
for directing the participants.

Finish Area:
• After crossing the finish line, participants are to IMMEDIATLEY leave the finish area.
• If waiting for family member, participants will be instructed to wait away from the event area at
a socially responsible location and distance.
• Athletes are asked to enter transition through a separate gate (monitored by staff), quickly grab
their items, and move away from transition. This will be monitored, and entrance allowed, when
ample space is available between athletes.

• Results will be posted online ONLY.

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