Bridger Ridge Run

Sat August 10, 2019 Bozeman, MT US 59715 Directions
Race Day

Saturday, August 10th, 2019

Spend the summer getting ready for the race. Volunteer to help carry water to the aid stations!

Wave Assignments

The Finer Points

  1. When you go online to complete your race application, you will have the opportunity to write a short paragraph stating why you would like to be in the race. It's not mandatory, but consider that what you say just might be your ticket in! Some examples: “I’ve tried to get in the last 4 years, and this really isn’t fair anymore, is it?” or “I have a terminal illness, and this is the only thing that is keeping me alive,” or “My name is Mike Wolfe,” or “My grandfather is Ed Anacker and it would be a shame if the Chronicle got hold of my story that you wouldn’t let me in the race!” This paragraph may be the reason you get into the race, but a word to the wise, all statements made in your essay will be verified by the selection committee! 
  2. If you have not received notification of acceptance or rejection for this year’s race you need to inquire at prior to registering for the race. There will be no passwords to enter the race. If you were not selected in to the race, but choose to enter anyway, your donation is appreciated (see the next “Finer Point”).
  3. There are NO refunds for ANY reason. If you must drop out of the race, your entry fee will be donated to a local non-profit and they will be grateful for it. If you break your leg June 15th and want a refund, it will instead go to a great cause. If your sister decides to get married race day, the entry fee will again go to a great cause. You get the picture.
  4. There are NO registration transfers for ANY reason. See point #3
  5. There is no waiting list.