Bulow Woods Trail Race and Ultra Marathon

Sat December 12, 2020 Ormond Beach, FL US 32174 Directions
Runner Updates and Information (from the email)

Hello Runners,

We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at the Bulow Woods Trail Race and Ultra Marathon presented by Halifax Health and a part of the Live Your Life Well Race Series. Here are some details and course information to help you have a hassle free morning and a great race!

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t worry!  You can still sign up online, at packet pickup and on race morning.  Please come and join us for a beautiful and fun day in the woods! It looks like we will have beautiful weather for running!

Parking: Participants will park at Tomoka State Park and take the shuttle to the start / finish line area at the Fairchild Oak entrance of Bulow Creek Park. The parking area will open at 5:30 AM.  Follow the directional signs as you pull into the park. They will direct you to the parking area where volunteers will help get you parked. It will take you 15 or 20 minutes to park and another 15 to ride the shuttle over. So please be sure to arrive sufficiently early for your event start. We recommend arriving at Tomoka at least an hour before your event.  Use caution in the park and watch out for your fellow participants.  Also please be very careful not to block any other vehicles so that they cannot get out. Runners may also be dropped off at the Start / Finish area, but again there is no parking for participants there.  

Please note that as of today there was some construction on Beach Street North of Granada.  If you are coming from this direction you may need to take the detour along N. Ridgewood to Melrose.  You can take Melrose back to Beach Street and continue North to the park.  

Parking Location:
Tomoka State Park
2099 N Beach St, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Shuttle Service: Shuttle service will be provided from the parking area to the start / finish line area at Bulow Creek Park and back again starting at 5:45 AM and continuing until the end of the event, around 3:00 PM. Please arrive early to allow time to take the shuttle to the start line. Family members and friends are welcome to take the shuttle, but please allow runners to have priority if the shuttle is filling up.  There will be three shuttles operating race day, so please be patient.  If one fills up you won't have to wait long for the next one.

Start / Finish Line Area: The start and finish line area is located at the Fairchild Oak Entrance of Bulow Creek State Park. Participants will not be allowed to park their vehicles here and must take the shuttle to and from the parking area. The shuttle will drop participants off at the entrance and you will walk down the road into the park approximately 200 yards to the start / finish line area. Participants may be dropped off or picked up at the entrance to the park. Please follow the signs into the start / finish line area. Please be respectful of our volunteers and don't argue with them about parking.

Start / Finish Location:
3351 Old Dixie Highway
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 

Early Packet Pickup:  Friday, December 6th at the Recreation Hall inside Tomoka State Park from 2-7pm. Tell the ranger at the gate the you are here for the race and you will not be charged the entry fee.  You may pick up packets for friends or family.  Late registration will be available.  Follow the signs to the recreation hall.
Tomoka State Park
2099 N Beach St.
Ormond Beach, FL 32174 

Race Day Packet Pick Up and Registration will open at 6:00am in the start / finish area at Bulow Creek Park. Please make sure to arrive early if you plan to register on race day.

Event Start Times:
50K  7:00am
1/2 Marathon 7:30am
4.25 Trail Race 8:00 am

: All events will be timed with reusable shoe tags.  Your shoe tag is in the envelope with your bib and must be worn on your shoe on race day. Shoe tags can be attached with twist ties provided and will be collected at the end of the race. If you forget to wear your shoe tag then you may not get a time. If you change shoes during the event you must move your shoe tag to the new shoes.  You will be required to turn in your shoe tag in order to get your commemorative glass and Rum Runner at the finish line.

Camping: Camping is available in the Group Camping area of Tomoka State Park. If you wish to camp there please email the race director, don@runnershighracing.com, and let him know. When you arrive at the Ranger station to check in let them know you will be camping in the Group area for the Bulow Woods Trail Race. You can also stay at the main camping area by reserving a spot through Reserve America.

Trail Notes: Please be aware that this is a trail race and things are different than on the road!  You should expect your running times to be slower than on the pavement. This is a beautiful course, made up of double track (two wide tracks through the woods- think tire tracks), single track trails (a single narrow trail through the woods) and some hard pack sand roads.   The trail is well maintained and in good shape.  
Please watch your footing carefully.  There are sections that have numerous roots, areas that may be churned up by wildlife, muddy areas that are slippery, branches may be hanging down and there   We have been working with the park service on the trail to make sure it is in shape for this race and we believe you will enjoy the trail.   Please keep in mind that all course distances are approximate. This is a trail race along winding, tree covered trails. It is not certified. Your GPS will come up with a different distance every time you run it. We have done our best to provide accurate trail distances but they are not exact.  There will be muddy sections on the trail.  There may be sections of the 50K and half course that are very wet depending on the tides.  Plan to get muddy.  Plan to have a change of, at least, socks and possibly shoes at the finish line.

Weather: The current forecast shows a low of 54 and a high around 72 with clear skies. Events will go on as scheduled if it rains. Races will only be cancelled or delayed in the event of extreme weather that poses a danger to runners or volunteers.  

Course Markings:  The courses are marked very clearly. Color coded signs with arrows attached to wooden stakes along the trail at key turns and sections, and orange marking flags spaced along the trail to indicate that you are on the correct trail. Follow the flags and the arrows. The directional arrows are color coded to match your race bib and event.
Green for the 50K
Blue for the Half Marathon
Red for the 4.25 mile run/walk

If you aren't sure what color to follow, look down at your bib. The colored banner along the bottom will show you. There are DO NOT ENTER signs and CAUTION tape where you should NOT turn or go. If you pay attention you should not get lost!! If you do not see any markings for 10-15 minutes you are probably off the course. Turn around and go back the way you came. Look for markers and/or other runners and try again.

Course details and maps can be found on the Runners High website

Bring Your Own Bottle: We try to be as environmentally conscious as possible for our events. You must bring your own water bottles or reusable cups to the event.  This is in an effort to reduce the amount of waste we create. You can fill your bottles up at each aid station, and our volunteers will be happy to help you with it. Please don't litter on the course. If you have empty gel packages please hang on to them and deposit them at the next aid station.  We are recycling them.  Any other garbage hang on to it and put it in the trash at the next aid station. If you see any garbage on the trail, please pick it up and take it with you to the next aid station. Our goal is to leave the trail cleaner than before we started.  We appreciate your help reducing our environmental impact.

Drop bags: Drop Bags will be held at the finish line area for all runners.  50K runners can access this bag at their half way point.  In addition 50K runners only can leave a second course bag to be taken to the turn around point on the far end of the trail at Aid Station 3.  Course bags must be left in the designated area 30 minutes prior to the start of your race. There will be two tarps laid out for drop bags. One will be labeled course bags and the other will be drop dags/ finish line. Please make sure you place your bag on the proper tarp. Volunteers will be present to help you mark you bag with tape and markers.  

50K runners --
 If you place a drop bag at the turn around point please be sure to let the aid station staff know when you have finished with your bag and wish to have it returned to the finish line. If you don't tell the aid station staff your bag will remain at the turn around point until the end of the event when all remaining bags will be returned to the finish line.  It is your responsibility to tell the aid station volunteers that you are done with your bag. Drop bags that are not claimed at the end of the event will be donated to Goodwill or another local charity.

Aid Stations: There are 3 aid stations along the course (approx every 1.5-3 miles) They will have water, Boom! gels, Gatorade, oranges, bananas as well as PBJ's, potato chips, pretzels, cookies, and other tasty treats.  Volunteers at each aid station will be glad to help you fuel up and fill your water bottles.  

First Aid: There will be a first aid available at the finish line. Let us know if you need help and we will get you checked out quickly.  Each aid station also has a first aid kit that you may use.  If you need help on the course or see another runner in need, please let the volunteers at the next aid station know. Please be sure to get the runners bib number so that we know who they are.  Aid stations will have a first aid kit and can contact us or Emergency Services if needed. We also have a 4WD ATV and can access almost all of the course from it if we need to pick anyone up. If you encounter a life threatening emergency always call 911 first, then let us or our volunteers know what is happening.

Finish Line Food: Rum Runners and homemade chili (meat and vegetarian options) will be available at the finish line for all runners. We will also have the usual assortment of post race bananas, oranges and water. You don’t need to be shy about eating but this is not an all you can eat buffet for the whole family so please be considerate of the other runners still out on the course.  

Cut Off Times: The course will be open until 3:00pm / 8 hours from the start of the 50K race at 7:00 am. For 50K runners you must maintain a pace of 15:26 minutes per mile. 50K runner’s must start their second lap no later than 11:00am.  If you miss the 11am cutoff you will be asked to remain at the finish line and will be dropped down to the half marathon.  These cut off times are for runner safety and requirements of our park permit to clear the course before dark.  Please note that shuttle service stops at 3:00pm and it may be difficult to get back to your vehicle at Tomoka State Park if you miss the cutoff time.

Dropping out or down to a lower distance: If you are participating in the 50K and feel you are not ready for your second lap, or have problem along the way you can drop down to the ½ Marathon. We will give you credit for the furthest distance event you finished. Please make sure that you inform the timing staff at the finish line if you drop out of the event or drop down to a shorter distance. If you drop down to a shorter event you may not be guaranteed the correct finisher medal as the events are full. You can also let us know at packet pick up or race morning if you know you want to drop down.  If you fail to inform the timing staff that you dropped down you may be disqualified.

Race Day Schedule
5:30 am: Parking Area at Tomoka State Park opens
5:45 am: Shuttle service to the start line begins
6:00 am: Packet Pickup and Race Day Registration opens
7:00 am: 50K race starts
7:30 am: Half Marathon race starts
8:00 am: 4.25 Mile Run starts
9:30 am: 4.25 Mile awards ceremony begins
11:00am: Cutoff time for 50K runners to start their second lap
11:00 am: Half Marathon awards ceremony begins
1:00 pm: 50K awards ceremony begins
3:00 pm: Cut off time for the race
3:00 pm: Last shuttle departs for the parking area

Please note that times for awards are approximate and will be determined by when we have enough people finish to calculate the awards.

Race Day Photographs and social media
Race day photographs will be provided free of charge courtesy the Live Your Life Well Series. Our photographer is Lilly Billiot of Almost There Photography. Pictures will be posted on the Live Your Life Well Series Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/liveyourlifewellseries/
If you take any pictures of your own and are an Instagram user please use the hashtag #bulowwoodstrailrun or #runnershighracing to share your photos and with other participants.  
Also checkout our facebook page for course photos and updates https://www.facebook.com/BulowWoodsTrailRace/

Race Results:
Race results will be available on site on race day.  Please look for the results board by the large green feather flag that says Race Results.  They can also be found online on the race registration page, Race Results, and by clicking on the results tab on the Runner's High page. Be sure to select your distance from the drop down menu.

First time tips:
If this is your first trail race, congratulations and welcome. This will be a fun experience for you, but there are some things you should be aware of. This is a beautiful trail that is made up of double track, two wide tracks through the woods, think tire tracks, and of single track trails, a single narrow trail through the woods. The trail is very well maintained but may be wet in areas and there are some sections that have numerous roots, so watch your footing.
Take it slow – Trail running is different than running on the streets so start out slow at maybe 75% of your usual pace. Wait until you get comfortable on the trail before you decide to speed it up. You will find that you use different muscles on the trail and this may lead to some tightness or soreness after the event.
Watch where you step – There are some sections of this trail that have lots of roots. If you are not used to the trails you will swear that these roots are jumping up to grab your feet and are out to get you. The best way to avoid that is to watch where you step and pay attention to the trail in front of you. Road runners are often used to looking straight ahead and not so much at the road in front of them. If you just watch where you are going you shouldn’t have any trouble. If you do fall and get hurt please let a fellow runner know or stop at the next aid station. We have a 4WD ATV and can come get you on the course if you are hurt.
Weather -- Pay attention to the weather forecast for race day. It will most likely start out cool in the 50's and then warm up.  We recommend wearing layers so that you can be warm enough in the morning and still be able to shed the layers and stay cool as the day warms up.  If you are running the 50K you can leave excess clothes with your drop bag at the turn around point. Also be sure to drink enough water and Gatorade if the day gets hot. Hydration is critical in long distance events. Events will go on as scheduled if it rains.  Races will only be cancelled or delayed in the event of extreme weather that poses a danger to runners or volunteers.  

What if I think I'm lost: Pay attention to the trail markings and blazes – We have done our best to make this trail nearly impossible to get lost on but you still have to pay attention. If you feel you are lost and have a cell phone, call us, 407-314-8583, or 911.  Remember to watch for the markings. If you haven't seen any for 10-15 minutes, retrace your steps until you find them again. Don't be shy about calling us or asking volunteers or other runners for help. We all want you to have a good time and enjoy the race.

Have Fun:
Most of all have fun! The trails are beautiful and you are running with a great group of people. Enjoy the trails, talk to your fellow runners, make some new friends and come drink some Rum Runners with us.

What to do before / afterwards:

Explore Tomoka State Park
Tomoka State Park is a beautiful park that runs along the Halifax and Tomoka Rivers.  Native Americans once dwelled here, living off fish-filled lagoons. Today, these waters are popular for canoeing, boating, and fishing. The park protects a variety of wildlife habitats and endangered species, such as the West Indian manatee. Tomoka is a bird-watcher's paradise, with over 160 species sighted, especially during the spring and fall migrations. Visitors can stroll a one-half mile nature trail through a hardwood hammock that was once an indigo field for an 18th century British landowner. A boat ramp gives boaters and canoeists access to the river.
The Park Store offers snacks, camping supplies, and canoe rentals.  If you visit the store tell them please mention that you are with the race!  Throw in that you love the Tomoka Marathon if you can bc they get kinda grouchy will us over that race!! :-P
The park will be hosting "Tomoka Remembers" historical reenactment event on race day as well.  

Mezzaluna Pizzeria at Halifax Plantation

Do you want to get a delicious pre-race pasta dinner, or fill up after the race? Then please visit our friends at Mezzaluna Pizzeria. This is an amazing local, family owned restaurant that has some of the best Italian food you will eat outside of Italy. They offer dine in, carry out and delivery. The restaurant is small and very popular, so go early or be ready to take some with you. Please be sure to tell them that we sent you.

3758 Roscommon Drive
Unit 104
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Ormond Brewing Company
Ready for a pre or post race beer?  Go visit our friends at Ormond Brewing.  They are just down the road from the park, have a wonderful taproom and an amazing selection of micro-brew beers.  

301 Division Ave #15, Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Who does this race benefit?:
Friends of Tomoka Basin State Parks – Bulow Parks Historic Alliance Inc.
This is a nonprofit citizen organization dedicated to supporting and protecting the series of Tomoka Basin State Parks. This all-volunteer organization does everything from trail and park maintenance, to putting on educational and entertainment programs at the parks.   They lead educational tours, conduct historic reenactments and a host of other programs to support the parks. Without their support this race would not be possible. Thank you for helping us support them and keeping these parks and trails as amazing as they are. You can find out more by visiting their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/Friends-of-Tomoka-Basin-State-Parks-Bulow-Parks-Historic-Alliance-Inc-1376171515947897/

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us prior to the race. We look forward to seeing you race day and hope you have a great time at the event.

Runner's High Timing and Race Management

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