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Cole Classic SwimRun

SUN AUGUST 11, 2019
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Type: SwimRun
Qualifying Standards

Team members applying for consideration to the 2019 Cole Classic SwimRun must meet at least one of the elements below within the prior two years. You will be asked to provide a link to the particular event's results page where this qualifying standard has been achieved.
- Former participant in a Casco Bay Islands SwimRun event.
- Former participant in an official ÖtillÖ SwimRun event or Merit Event.
- Completion of an open water swim competition longer than 1 mile.
- Completion of SOS or another swimrun event with at least one swim leg of 1km.
- Completion of either a 2.4 or 1.2 mile swim in an Ironman, 70.3, or similar triathlon distance event.
- All Long Course applicants as well as Solo/Individual Short Course racers MUST have attained one of the above elements to be considered for entry. Exceptions to these standards for Long Course applicants may be considered on an individual basis.
- Short Course applicants with no prior open water experience when applying must demonstrate swimming proficiency before June 1, 2019 by a timed and witnessed (by pool staff on official letterhead) one mile pool swim in no more than 40 minutes.