2019 Star of Hope Half Marathon

Sun April 7, 2019 Directions
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Can you believe it? Just 2 days away from the inaugural 2019 Star of Hope Half Marathon in Robbinsville, New Jersey! We can't wait to see you Sunday April 7th bright and early for an amazing experience!

The weather forecast is calling for a high in the mid 60's F. At the start of the race, however, the ambient temperature will probably be closer to 45-50 degrees and climb towards 60 by the time we are all done. (If you are an avid runner like me, you know this is actually an ideal temperature range.)


Orangetheory Fitness Robbinsville-Hamilton is located at 691 Route 130N, Hamilton, New Jersey behind the Wawa and next to Frutta Bowls. This is in the Deerpath Pavillion Plaza which also has a Panchero’s, UPS Store, Spigola Ristorante and more, opposite corner from the Home Depot, Hamilton Marketplace and US Post Office. You may pick up for a friend.

Full disclosure (I work for Orangetheory Fitness Robbinsville-Hamilton and if you are a local resident , either me or one of my associates may try to set you up for a free trial class. - no pressure, but if you aren't familiar with the concept , feel free to ask us.)
Saturday April 6  (optional but encouraged)
10:00AM – 2:00PM 

Sunday April 7 (race day)
6:15AM – 7:45AM On-site bib number pick-up and t-shirts 
7:45AM – Registration closes. Runners must line up in the starting lane / corral
7:55AM - Race instructions and National Anthem sung by Michael Small
8:00AM – Race start. Please line up according to your speed. Fastest competitive runners up front, Slower runners and walkers toward the back. We will have professional pacers in the corral.
10:30AM – (Approximate time)  Awards, Prizes, food and more! - 
by the way, this is not a race cut off time. This is just start of calling out the awards. The top winners will have crossed the finished line by an hour or more. The finish archway and timing company will stay until everyone finishes.

12:00PM - Event Over

RESTROOMS – 2 indoor restrooms at the park pavilion building and 8 portajons outside the building.

PARKING - Parking for runners will be in the field on the north end of the park across Gordon Rd. There will be a Robbinsville police officer and a few parking volunteers to direct where to park exactly. Do not park in the parking lot by the pavilion at West Manor Lane. This is for staff and sponsors only. There is another parking lot off of Gordon Rd on the east side of the park, however many volunteers who are arriving early will also park there. We will reserve the closest spots for relay team members who need to get out of there quickly.



We will line up on the parking lane that runs parallel to West Manor Lane. If you aren’t in it to win it, then you should not be near the front. This is a USATF Grand Prix event so scoring and awards will be based on gun time. Compuscore is timing the event and will show both gun time and chip time on their results. Please line up in the appropriate location of the starting corral. There is a narrow opening at the end of this lane so it is important to not clog up this tight exit-turn. We have hired Beast Pacing to bring their pace team so if you have a goal finish time and need even pacing, follow one of the pace groups. They will be wearing specific shirts and hold a sign indicating their pace.

This is a not a closed course so there may be a random car or two going down the street. Please share the road and pay attention to your surroundings. Stay on the right hand side and closest to the side of the road at all times except when entering the neighborhood at Spencer Way to Barto Way by mile 11-12. You will want to be on the left side to avoid crossing over with runners going the other way. Our volunteers will direct you accordingly. Most of the cars that you encounter will be relay team members driving over to their next stop. There will be police presence at all major crossings to control traffic as best as possible as well as course marshal volunteers and directional signs in the ground to assist you in your journey. We will also have mile marker signs. 

As in all races, it is ultimately the responsibility of the athlete to know the course. Please study the course maps online. Our volunteer "bike angels" will be out there to lead the way and monitor the field, provide encouragement and follow the final runners to the finish line.

Please don't worry too much about your pace. There is no official cut-off time. We will not leave you out there. We will have volunteers following the last participants. And our last police office will stick around till 12pm. 

We will also have a van to pick up an injured runner who cannot make it back. One of our bike volunteers will notify us if someone needs assistance. You can also let a course marshal or volunteer know that you need a ride back. 

If you get injured, you must notify us and come to the main STOH tent to let us fill out an incident form and take a medical claim form with you. Everyone is insured by the event as supplemental medical coverage. Our USATF sanctioning policies require us to document all injuries. 


There are 3 check-points where relay teams can hand off to the next runner. You do not have to have a 4 person team. One person can run more than one leg. We are now using batons with the timing chips attached to it for the relays. Its a very light weight plastic tube about 12 inches long. Each team will get one. 
See the course maps to find the relay check-points. You can follow each other in one car and just advance to the next stop, park the car on the side and wait for the next member and give a high-five to the next runner. If you are on a relay team you should have received a separate email with more specific instructions. We will plan on having a brief relay team meeting at 7:35-7:40 to go over the plans and answer any questions.

3 of our 6 water stops will feature Honey Stinger Gels (mango orange). There will be a nurses tent located mid-way at the Robins House (mile 6.8)

There will be a portajon by the Sharon Elementary school less than 1 mile into the course. Then at mile 3, mile 6.8, mile , mile 9.7 and at mile 12.
Also there will be ** LIVE ** results via Compuscore available seconds after you cross the finish line.
Here is their website link which you can save in your phone.   http://live.compuscore.com

Your custom 2019 Star of Hope finisher medal will be given to you as you cross the finish line. Each member of a relay team may take one medal as their team finishes. 
Stick around afterwards for our post race food/snacks, music, and many raffle prizes and more!
Quick answers to questions we often receive race week and some race day tips:
•             Yes! Your friend can pick up your packet and no we don't need an ID, confirmation, or note for packets to be picked up (our volunteers love high fives, though, so be sure to give them one!);
•             No, Unfortunately for your safety, strollers are not allowed due to the narrow passage along
•             Yes! You can wear headphones but please, be aware of your surroundings (i.e. cars, cops, potholes, dogs, spectators, and yes - other runners);  
               It is advised to keeping 1 ear open in order to stay alert.
•             No. Sorry, pets are not allowed on the course.

Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank our amazing volunteers and police officers for making this an awesome event!


We will have the race staples, bananas, salty snacks, bagels, water etc.. for all participants.

But you can also bring money to purchase from these vendors:

Delorenzo's Burg on the Go - mobile pizza truck will be here to serve slices and pies. from $2.50 for plain slice up to $14 for a plain pie. They will accept cash and credit cards.  They also have pepperoni, sausage and mustard pies.

Dainty Donuts will also be here serving fresh minature donuts. $3.00 for 6 or $5.00 for a dozen. OMG - I can't wait to try these. They are also giving us a basket to raffle off. Cash only.

Kona Ice NJ - Snow Cones!!! After sweating for a couple hours you will definitely want some shaved ice.

*just bring a bunch of cash*


More questions? Email the race director, Tom Eng  - tom.eng@verizon.net
Good luck this Sunday morning, April 7th and we look forward to seeing all of you for the best day ever!