2018 Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge Event presented by AmeriHealth NJ

Sun November 4, 2018 Camden, NJ US 08102
Course Description

10K Course Written Directions: 

Start at toll gates on the New Jersey Side
-Run over the bridge on westbound lanes, turnaround on Philly side at the break in the barriers. TURNAROUND IS ON THE BRIDGE.
-Run back over bridge on eastbound lanes.  At this point 5k of the 10k distance has been covered.
-The last 5k of the course is currently being designed and will be posted well in advance of race day.  This is due to the construction on the water front.

  2-Mile Bridge Walk Written Directions:

-Start at the toll gates on the New Jersey side. Line up well behind the runners.
-Walk up to the 1-mile marker staying close to the center barrier in the westbound lanes.
-Turnaround at the 1-mile marker now walking close to the water still in the westbound lane but walking back down the bridge toward the Jersey tolls.
-The Walker Finish Line is where the start took place.
-Walkers must complete the bridge walk in 50 minutes or less.