Dalmatian Run Fest & Dizzy Dalmatian 101

Sat/Sun/Mon, February 19-21, 2022 (President's Day weekend)
COVID 19 Precautions

This page is about COVID precautions during race-related activities. For information on our COVID-19 refund policy, please visit: https://runsignup.com/Race/WRATHRacing/Page-12

** UPDATE 03/03/21: The State of Texas has updated their Mask Mandate, but USATF, that provides our Sanction and Insurance, has not. In order to stay insured, we will continue to follow USATF's COVID Guidance and the Safety Plan standards that were mutually agreed upon as a condition of insurance. The USATF Guidance specifically states that "in either case (State/Local or USATF), the portions of each regulation which are more restrictive should be the guidance that is followed. " If USATF revises their Guidance, then we will revisit our mask policies. 
** UPDATE 03/30/21: Added Mask requirement for vaccinated individuals and COVID officer, per USATF COVID Guidance issued 03/16/21

COVID-19 Precautions (Prevention, Distancing & Sanitizing/Cleaning)
a.  Prevention: 
  i. Participants with COVID symptoms/exposure will be asked not to attend. This is included in the Waiver on Run Signup.
  ii.  Attestation: As part of the sign-in process, runners will be asked to sign a short attestation. A thermometer will be available so they can take their own temperature, if needed in order to truthfully complete the attestation. 
b.  Distancing / Managing Congestion
  i.  Packet Pickup activities (Check-in, Bib-pickup and Swag pickup) will each be at a separate table to reduce congestion in any one area.
    1. Tables will be at least 6 feet apart.
  ii.  Beverages and food items will each be on a separate table to reduce congestion in any one area.
  iii. Participants will be required to wear masks when not running, and will be discouraged from congregating at the aid stations.
    1. Per USATF Guidance updated 03/16, the mask requirement includes fully vaccinated individuals.
  v.  Masks on course / Safe Passing: Because the course is generally 10 feet wide with broad grass shoulders, USATF Passing Guidance will only apply on the much narrower Out-N-Back section. Per USATF,  "competitors should carry face coverings, verbally announce when they are within 10 meters and preparing to pass, and the runner being overtaken should stop and step to the side of the trail and wait for the passing runner to move at least 10 meters ahead.  Both runners should put their face coverings on for this passing procedure, then can remove when completed."
  vi. There will not be an on-site Awards Ceremony, to discourage congregating.
  vii. Participants typically bring chairs or other personal aid station items, such as coolers; they will be encouraged to set up their areas socially distant from one another.
  viii. Spectators and/or crew will be asked to complete the same attestation as the runners. 
   ix. Spectators and/or crew are requested to wear masks when in the aid station area.
c.    On-Site:  Food/Beverage
  i.  Participants will be offered the choice of individually packaged drinks versus self-serve beverage spigot-jugs, depending upon their own comfort level. Spigots on Self-serve jugs will be sanitized frequently
  ii.  All food items will be individually sized and individually packaged.
  iii.  Start/Finish area has plenty of room for participants to set up their own aid stations (with their own food/drink items) if they don’t feel comfortable with the race aid station.
d.  On-Site: Sanitizing/Cleaning
  i.  Masks/gloves:  All race staff/volunteers will wear masks at all times. Aid Station volunteers will wear gloves
  ii.  Hand Sanitizer:  Hand sanitizer will be available on each Aid Station table and in each port-a-pot
  iii.  Hand Washing:  Hand washing station will be provided near the port-a-pots
  iv.  Porta-lets will be cleaned hourly, especially interior and exterior door handles.
e. COVID Officer: USATF requires naming an individual to "oversee the event’s COVID-19 mitigation efforts and manage aspects of USATF’s Event Hosting Guidance related to COVID-19." This role will be shared by the Race Directors.

Source: Dalmatian Run Fest Safety Plan filed 02/01/21 and the USATF Event Hosting Guidance, updated 03/16/21 https://www.usatf.org/covid19/logistical-information-and-guidance-for-event-directors-and-local-organizing-committees 

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