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Mary Campbell Center

Donation Goal: $1,000

Our Mission
At the Mary Campbell Center...
We focus on the individuals we are able to serve, each having special needs, and with the goal that each will live a happy and productive life within a homelike setting.

We recognize the importance of community and we cultivate relationships that benefit all.

We perform our work with the highest quality through the efforts of committed, compassionate, and competent people.

Our Vision
To be a collaborative community that seeks and applies innovation to enhance the well-being and independence of those who choose our care.

Together, we discover, grow, and celebrate abilities.

of $1,000


Raised By 30 Donors

$100from Anonymous
$50on behalf of John Jordan
$50on behalf of Mark Troisio
$50on behalf of Megan O'Hara
$25on behalf of Jimmy Lamiet
$25on behalf of Lisa Yupco
$20on behalf of Bethanie Sessoms
$20on behalf of Julie Jones
$20from Anonymous
$15from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Myles & Maryn Dettrey
$10on behalf of Shannon ONeill
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Katrina Kashner
$3from Anonymous
$3on behalf of Cathleen Wilder
$3on behalf of Chris McGarvey
$3on behalf of Janice Buckwalter
$3on behalf of Jonathan SIlver
$3on behalf of Jordan Daniels
$3on behalf of Marcy Ohliger
$3on behalf of Mark DeNio
$3on behalf of Matthew Jordan
$3from Anonymous
$3on behalf of Michelle Shepherd
$3on behalf of Susan Atkison
$3on behalf of Tammy Zoppi
$3on behalf of Ted Shea
$3on behalf of Thomas Kane
$3on behalf of Tristan Jones

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