iTRI Kids' Racing Series - iTRI RUN - Race #2

Sun February 10, 2019 Miami, FL US 33165 Directions


iTRI Kids' Racing Series - iTRI RUN - Race #2

Donation Goal: $2,000

Thank you for deciding to help this organization go beyond our capabilities by donating to our cause. iTri Kid’s Racing Series and iTri SoFla want desperately to instill a deep seeded desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle in all children. The habits they create today will be the foundation of their choices in 30 years. If we teach them a better way now…

Wherever we lead, they will follow. Right?  That is either a very scary statement or a wonderful one. We believe through our program we can help children avoid several issues many adults still face, obesity, low self esteem, chronic pain, medication addictions, etc. By focusing on the benefits and maintaining a fun environment for our athletes to compete in, we give them a huge edge for their future.

Donations will be used towards improving our events, as well as sponsoring kids that do not have the means to be able to participate in said events.

We thank you for your generosity.


Raised of $2,000