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Sat May 2, 2020 North Port, FL US 34288 Directions


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Donate to the Florida Compassion Foundation - Where caregivers find hope.

Donation Goal: $3,000

What are we about?

The Florida Compassion Foundation is a not for profit Florida corporation founded by Tracy and Kimberly Hussey following the death of Kim’s mom.    She passed away at the young age of 68 from early onset alzheimers disease.   We saw first hand of how this atrocious disease effected not only the afflicted, but the spouse, family and loved ones of the patient.    In many ways it is more devastating to the loved ones than to the patient.    At FCF we raise funds to help the families of Alzheimers patients with compassion and funding for things that insurance will not cover.   Anything from private nursing care, travel expenses to just funds to get away and take a break from from being a 24/7 caregiver.    

Make your check out to Florida Compassion Foundation and mail it to 3258 North Chamberlain Blvd., North Port, Florida 34286.    Beside to include the name of the fundraiser you want this donation credited to!

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$20In loving honor of DAVID Standen
$20In loving honor of Leighton Riesgo
$10In loving honor of Ala Kapitonava
$10from Anonymous
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