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Florida Compassion Foundation

Goal: $5,000

Kimberly Hussey’s mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease in 2012 and died at the young age of 68 in April of last year. In days and years between, Kimberly and her husband, Tracy, experienced the kind of emotional and physical trauma common to caregivers, including anxiety, depression, exhaustion, neglecting one’s own needs and other symptoms of stress and burnout.

“We saw first-hand how this atrocious disease affects not only the afflicted, but the spouse, family and loved ones of the patient as well,” Kimberly said. “In many ways, it is more devastating to the loved ones than to the patient.”

“We saw the devastation it can cause on a family, both emotionally and financially,” said Tracy. “We wanted to do something to help in her honor.”

The couple decided to start a foundation concentrating on helping caregivers with what Kimberly called the “things that a family needs and insurance will not cover.” They began working on it last September and received their federal ID number as a nonprofit corporation in Florida in December.

They called it the Florida Compassion Foundation after a quote in the New Living Testament Bible from Philippians 1:8: “God knows how much I love you and long for you with the tender compassion of Jesus Christ.” Tracy said the letter of Paul and Timothy provided the “mindset and motto” of the Florida Compassion Foundation.

“We want to find caregivers who are at their wit’s end,” Tracysaid. “We might provide them with some spending money and a nurse for the weekend so they can get away for a couple of days.”

“It’s really hard for them get away, even to attend support groups,” added Kimberly. “It’s 24-7; it never stops.”   

Focusing their efforts on Charlotte and Sarasota counties, Tracy and Kimberly are working closely with the Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, which provides them with the names of caregivers who could benefit from the foundation’s services. The couple then contacts the individual or family to determine what needs to be done.

Offline Payment Instructions

Make your check payable to The Florida Compassion Foundation

Mail it to FCF, 3258 North Chamberlain Blvd., North Port, Florida  34286

of $5,000


Raised By 70 Donors

$250In loving memory of Alzhiemer's victims everywhere!
$250In loving memory of David Evans
$100In loving memory of Carol Westerman
$100In loving memory of Caroline Ortiz
$100In loving memory of MOM
$100In loving memory of Nancy Dill
$50In loving memory of H Michael Garcia
$50In loving memory of Karyn McCann
$50In loving memory of Ken Woodworth
$50from Anonymous
$25In loving memory of Elizabeth Gregson
$25In loving memory of Ken Woodworth
$25In loving memory of Marie Santangelo
$25In loving memory of Mary Lou Allen
$25In loving memory of Pauline Rojas
$25In loving memory of Peggy Lampp
$25In loving memory of Shirley Eckler
$25from Anonymous
$15In loving memory of Taylor McCaughey
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Bob Stein
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Connie Proctor
$10In loving memory of Deb Voiles
$10In loving memory of Donna Johnson
$10In loving memory of Gigi
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Jason Jorgensen
$10In loving memory of Jeffrey Coopes
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Lucille Reynolds
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Mary Ann Keller
$10In loving memory of Mary Lou Allen
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Pheel Good Foundation
$10In loving memory of Robert Evon
$10In loving memory of Roberta "Bobbie" Harris
$10In loving memory of Roland Frank
$10In loving memory of Roland Frank
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10from Anonymous
$10In loving memory of Victor Dix
$10In loving memory of Vince Cremonese
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Chuck Griffin
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Crea Kitcher
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Herbert Stowell, my Dad
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Jason Wilson
$5In loving memory of Jeremiah Ryan
$5In loving memory of Joyce
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of laurie Ninzatti
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Nathan Morris
$5In loving memory of Paula Krueger
$5from Anonymous
$5from Anonymous
$5In loving memory of Steven Jakuboski
$5from Anonymous

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