Top Dogg Walk For Mental Health

Sat May 22, 2021 Lawrenceville, GA 30045 US Directions

Top Dogg Walk For Mental Health

Your gift will help provide create healthy, happy, and independent lives for our veterans!

Each day in America there are 22 suicides committed by veterans due to ineffective, minimal, or sadly, no intervention to treat mental health illness all too common for our warriors such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Military Sexual Trauma, traumatic brain injury (T.B.I), night terrors and depression. 

A simple, relatively inexpensive technique has changed veterans’ lives for the better across the country. This solution comes with four paws, a wet nose and very specialized training: service dogs. Veterans who utilize service dogs report lower levels of depression and anxiety, fewer hospitalizations and numerous other benefits. 

Support from individuals like you make it possible for us to touch the lives of deserving veterans whose lives can be changed, literally saved when paired with a service dog.

How You Can Help:
1. Register a Group and donate $22 each to join the Top Dogg Dog Walk For Mental Health
2. Make a gift below
3. Share our event on social media
4. Ask your employer to make a charity tax free donation

Top Donors

$7,726 Raised By 53 Donors

$2,222 On Behalf Of Hayden Hurst Family Foundation
$2,200 on behalf of Top Dog K9
$250 on behalf of Patrick Sullivan
$228 on behalf of QC Financial
$225 on behalf of Russell Kent
$222 on behalf of Andi Poch
$222 on behalf of Carolyn Polakowski
$222 on behalf of Hidden Pearls Podcast
$222 on behalf of Pet Suites
$150 on behalf of Candice Darling
$150 On Behalf Of The Beinlich's
$103 on behalf of Mary Pope
$100 on behalf of Her Svc Dog Piper by Top Dogg
$100 on behalf of Jay Wilson
$100 on behalf of KEFU AIKEN
$100 on behalf of Linda Sells Real Estate
$50 on behalf of Antonio Merriweathercraig
$50 on behalf of Asjah Jones
$50 on behalf of Dermal Knowledge
$50 on behalf of Irina Guralnik
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Marli and Twuanna
$40 On Behalf Of dog walk
$40 on behalf of Melissa Scales Hamilton
$30 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Anna David
$25 on behalf of Denise Hays
$25 on behalf of Lani De los santos
$25 on behalf of Mandy Darling
$25 on behalf of Ronnie Drennon
$25 from Anonymous
$23 on behalf of Lyrehc Imara
$22 on behalf of Becky Hankins
$22 On Behalf Of Dog Walk
$22 On Behalf Of Dog Walk
$22 On Behalf Of Dog Walk
$22 On Behalf Of Dog Walk
$22 On Behalf Of dog walk
$22 On Behalf Of dog walk
$22 On Behalf Of dog walk
$22 On Behalf Of Michael Moran
$22 on behalf of Syndee Garland
$22 on behalf of Tamara
$15 on behalf of Danny Mongiovi
$15 on behalf of Michael Allen
$10 from Facebook Donation
$10 from Anonymous
$10 on behalf of Melissa Latsch
$8 on behalf of Reighna Smith
$5 from Facebook Donation
$5 on behalf of Buddy Medley
$5 on behalf of Justin Potter
$2 On Behalf Of dog walk

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