River of Roses Remembrance Walk and 5k

Sat August 3, 2019 Boise, ID US 83706


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River of Roses Remembrance Walk and 5k

Donation Goal: $10,000

The 3rd Annual River of Roses is a remembrance event to celebrate the memory of Little Joys – babies who passed during pregnancy or in their first year of life. This event, hosted by the Little Joys Remembrance Foundation, celebrates these special babies, brings awareness to child loss, and also supports the Little Joys Remembrance Foundation’s mission of placing a CuddleCot in every Idaho hospital. A Cuddlecot is a cooling device that slows the physical changes of an infant after they have passed, allowing the family and loved ones more time to say their goodbyes.

Since 2017, twenty CuddleCots have been placed in Idaho hospitals (four of those privately placed). We are over half way to reaching our goal of ensuring EVERY Idaho hospital is prepared to offer the gift of time to families saying goodbye to their precious baby.

of $10,000


Raised By 48 Donors

$1,000from Anonymous
$1,000on behalf of JLC Investments, Inc
$725on behalf of PENNY IVANCIC
$310on behalf of Payne Family
$250on behalf of Nixon & Ellis Ivancic
$250on behalf of Raquel Pearson
$250on behalf of Steve & Nancy Siedschlag/Woolridge
$100on behalf of Bill and Beth Raff
$100on behalf of Charlotte
$100on behalf of Charlotte Raff
$100on behalf of Christine Raff
$100on behalf of Evelyn Aurora Mattison
$100on behalf of Janet Siedschlag
$100on behalf of Jessica Lynch-Jonely
$100on behalf of Julie Henderson
$100on behalf of Leah Leah
$100on behalf of Ryan Harris (Ellis Amusement)
$100on behalf of Sara Alzheimer
$90from Anonymous
$75on behalf of Charlotte
$50on behalf of Cheryl Garrett
$50on behalf of Christine Ward
$50on behalf of Evelyn Aurora Mattison
$50on behalf of Isaac Tanner
$50on behalf of Karen Crawford
$50on behalf of Lauren Kesler
$50on behalf of Nora Quinn
$50on behalf of Tara Hickman
$30on behalf of Jeanine Molck
$25on behalf of Angela Monson
$25on behalf of Bianca Naylor
$25on behalf of Jeanine Molck
$25on behalf of Jennifer Adkins
$25on behalf of Kyler Ottley
$25on behalf of Laura Minogue
$25on behalf of Melanie Bowers
$25on behalf of Oliver Jack Pineda
$25on behalf of Robyn Weaver
$20on behalf of Collin Leino
$20from Anonymous
$20on behalf of Jessica Beaver-Nelson
$20from Anonymous
$10on behalf of Bethie Boo
$10on behalf of crystal landes
$10on behalf of Elyse Sharp
$5on behalf of Shannon Atkinson
$5on behalf of Shawn Isaak
$1from Anonymous

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