2019 MSW Superhero Festival with 5K and Family Fun Run!

Sat May 4, 2019 Westminster, MD US 21158 Directions


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2019 MSW Superhero Festival with 5K and Family Fun Run!

Donation Goal: $5,000

What is the MSW Superhero 5K Race and Family Fun Run? 

Our school is holding its third annual Superhero Festival with 5K Race and Family Fun Run on Saturday, May 6th from 9 a.m to noon!  Everyone comes dressed as their favorite superhero.  You even get a cape!  It’s so much fun and helps raise money for my school, the Montessori School of Westminster!

How can I help?

Sponsor me to participate in the Superhero Run!  No amount is too small to give and of course we appreciate those “super pledges”, too!  Fill out the information below and submit your pledge in cash, by check (made payable to MSW) or you can donate online!  Just remember to list my name for your online donation. 

My pledges are due by May 3rd. 

 And…come run with me!  You can participate in the 5K or Fun Run.  Register online here:


Or just come watch me! 

Thank you for your support!

Montessori School of Westminster is a non-profit institution and all funds donated go directly towards supporting the school, the students and the staff by providing funds for initiatives such as: need-based scholarships, additional instructors in the arts, foreign language and physical health, additional facilities for the students to use (for example, the recent bathroom addition to the field house), and needed equipment for the students. By fundraising for such beneficial and needed items, we are able to continue to offer a Montessori education to those who otherwise may not be able to afford it and also keep tuition affordable for current students.  Thousands of local families have benefitted from our unique learning environment which encourages independence, self-discipline, and a passion for individual growth.

of $5,000


Raised By 54 Donors

$200from Anonymous
$100from Anonymous
$100from Anonymous
$100on behalf of Cru Miller
$100on behalf of Gail Spicer
$100on behalf of Jodi Lupco
$100on behalf of Jodi Lupco
$50on behalf of Anne Schene
$50on behalf of Charlotte Schurman
$50on behalf of Daniel Rusk
$50on behalf of DAW Matthews
$50on behalf of Dawn Strine
$50on behalf of Eric Workman
$50on behalf of FRANCINE HAHN
$50on behalf of Gia Kelly
$50on behalf of Kath Lawrence
$50on behalf of Mary Miller
$50on behalf of Michele Gallerizzo
$50on behalf of Michele & Jeff
$50on behalf of Molly and Darcy
$50on behalf of Nonna & Nonno
$50from Anonymous
$50on behalf of Robert Davis
$50on behalf of Ronald Taylor
$50on behalf of Thomas Jones
$50on behalf of Tony, Angel, Abby and Ziggy
$25on behalf of Aunt Shel
$25on behalf of Cathy McClintock
$25on behalf of Cathy Schell
$25from Anonymous
$25on behalf of Jaclyn and Andrea
$25on behalf of Jennifer McGraw
$25on behalf of Jess and Jessi
$25on behalf of John Sminkey
$25on behalf of Maureen McKetchnie
$25on behalf of Mom & Dad
$25on behalf of Mommom & Poppop
$25on behalf of Ralph Armstrong
$25on behalf of Stacy Dougherty'
$25on behalf of Tom Yinger
$20on behalf of Marlene Renz
$20on behalf of Mary Jones and her grandma Bootsie
$15on behalf of Kaia & Ronan Patterson
$10on behalf of Amanda DeCort
$10on behalf of Diane Scott
$10on behalf of Julia Sipes
$10on behalf of Lois Lotfi
$10on behalf of Mary Miller
$10on behalf of Tina Newell
$5on behalf of Andrea Patterson
$5on behalf of Andrea Patterson
$5from Anonymous
$5on behalf of Lauren Welsh-Baer
$5on behalf of Shannin Sheasby

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