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Feeding America of West Michigan

Food insecurity in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula

Right here in West Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, food insecurity affects 1 in 8 people. The need is even greater among children: 1 in 5 is food insecure.

What is food insecurity? Simply put, it’s having unreliable access to healthy food. Food-insecure people may live in urban neighborhoods and rural communities where healthy food is scarce. They may live in the suburbs and struggle as a result of job loss, health problems, or foreclosures. They often skip meals or buy cheaper, less nourishing food because that’s all they can afford. Food insecurity affects every aspect of life, from education and health to a child’s cognitive development.

The causes of food insecurity are complex, but at Feeding America West Michigan, we believe that no one in our community should be deprived of the basic necessity of good food, and we’re working toward our goal of making food available to everyone in need in our region.

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