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Donation Goal: $18,000

The struggles of those living in the communities within our footprint are interconnected, and we’re focused on addressing them holistically. Financial instability has a substantiated impact on the health and longevity of low-income individuals and can negatively affect the long-term education success of children and adults. Improved financial well-being leads to stronger, healthier households. A healthier household—economically and physically—directly correlates to reduced absenteeism and higher graduation rates. When the root causes of these problems are addressed as opposed to simply the end result of poverty, we can work to prevent recidivism and start to see long term success among these populations. 


Raised of $18,000


Top Donors

$17,230 Raised By 46 Donors

$3,500 on behalf of Columbia Bank
$3,500 on behalf of Deloitte
$2,000 from Anonymous
$2,000 on behalf of Horizon
$2,000 on behalf of WellCare
$1,000 on behalf of Amerigroup
$250 on behalf of Catherine Wilson
$250 on behalf of Marian Stern
$250 on behalf of Mark Hartigan
$250 on behalf of Vince Alonge
$200 on behalf of Harold Morrison
$135 on behalf of Arpit Arora
$135 on behalf of Mary Ann Jackson
$100 from Facebook Donation
$100 from Facebook Donation
$100 on behalf of Group Gordon
$100 on behalf of Jacqueline Scully-Clark
$100 on behalf of Kevin Terry
$100 on behalf of Sheila Tolor & James Caesar RIH
$100 in support of The Great Catherine Wilson
$100 on behalf of Tiffany Aliche
$75 on behalf of Denise Rodgers
$50 from Facebook Donation
$50 from Anonymous
$50 in support of Charlinda Brown-Gales
$50 on behalf of Danielle G
$50 on behalf of Diana Galer Jaffe
$50 on behalf of Dianne O’Brien
$50 in support of Donna Walthall
$50 on behalf of Ranene George-Wimberly
$50 on behalf of Sharon Gaye
$50 on behalf of Tasha Hill
$50 on behalf of The Hardie Boys
$50 on behalf of Victoria Kamalova
$40 from Facebook Donation
$40 on behalf of Queen Pizza 2- Germano DiNardo
$30 in support of Constance Bauman
$25 on behalf of Arielle Holmes
$25 on behalf of Denise Epps
$25 on behalf of Rondalya DeShields
$25 on behalf of Torika White
$20 on behalf of Kathy Holloman
$20 on behalf of LaWanda Rivers
$20 on behalf of Tehsuan Glover
$10 on behalf of Queen Pizza 2 - Germano DiNardo
$5 on behalf of Nakita Cooper

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