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7th Annual Hike for Hospice House

Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg (HHSCW) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with a mission to care for people at the end of life, comfort the bereaved and to empower others to do the same.


HHSCW programs and services include respite and end-of-life care in a beautiful residential home setting, respite support for caregivers in their own home, bereavement support, community education for caregivers, equipment lending, and an online lending library of resources.  Our programs and services for individuals and families are always free. 


The annual Hike for Hospice House is a family-oriented event that raises much-needed funds to support HHSCW.   Your gift this year will help…


More than 180 terminally ill individuals admitted to the Hospice House.

More than 800 individuals seeking bereavement support.

More than 300 trained volunteers providing compassionate care to others at the Hospice House and in the community.

Dozens of caregivers seeking respite.



Raised By 216 Donors

$3,000on behalf of In memory of our loved ones
$1,000on behalf of Margarete Ensminger
$1,000on behalf of Williamsburg Landing
$750on behalf of Marianne and Jack Burkart
$500on behalf of Ann Oropeza
$500on behalf of Darlene MacPherson
$500on behalf of Ginny Crone
$500on behalf of Graydon Elliott
$500on behalf of In memory of Art & Doris Mebert
$500on behalf of Linda Wierenga
$500on behalf of Peggy Donohue-Cope
$500on behalf of Robb Thomson
$500on behalf of Rosalind Damsky
$500on behalf of The Chohany Family
$350on behalf of Matthew Lacy
$250on behalf of Leebcor Services LLC
$250on behalf of Bob Tubbs
$250on behalf of Candice Lamb (mother of Ethan Andelman)
$250on behalf of Deborah White
$200on behalf of Heard Concrete
$200on behalf of Jo Brooks
$200on behalf of Maggie and Vera Russo
$200on behalf of Rhea Woloszynski
$200on behalf of Sandye Copeland
$200on behalf of Thelma Swindell

Individual Fundraisers

Mary Ann Dallas
Laura Lawrence
Ann Oropeza
Judy Ewart
Darlene MacPherson
Stacy Keating
Graydon Elliott
Peggy Donohue-Cope
Jim Easton
Kevin Jones
Sandye Copeland
Janet Jones
Jennifer Barham
Charlie Marcotte
Ann Vitale
Janice Greenwood- Matherne
Kristin Doherty
David Hoar
Bob Tubbs
Carol Occhuizzo
Jane Howell
Mark Douglas
Paul Try
William Bryant
Melinda Dunn

Team Fundraisers

Lisa's Loose Cannons
Team Dallas
Journey Hikers
Hospice Council Hikers
Judy and Friends
American Pride Automotive
Miss America Party Williamsburg
The Companioneers
Racquetball Wrecking Crew - Cookie/Cupcake Consortium
Colonial Heritage Hikers
Branscome Inc.
Team Elwell
At Home Hospice
Team Doherty
Key Players
Walk With Me
Patti's Ladybugs

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