Gladiator Assault Challenge

Sat May 22 - Sun May 23, 2021 Boone, IA 50036 US
COVID Guidelines

At Gladiator Assault Challenge we believe in doing our part to help stop the spread of Covid while still being able to provide a healthy outdoor event that is good for the mind, body, and soul.  We feel that these steps will do just that.

COVID-19 Declaration

When checking in at the event, each participant and spectator, shall be required to declare that they are not currently infected by COVID-19 and have not had, or knowingly been in, contact with someone experiencing any of the following COVID-19 symptoms in the past 10 days:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Muscle pain
  • Sore throat
  • New loss of taste or smell


  • Plastic Shields
    Transparent plastic shields will be installed at key interaction points including racer and spectator check-in and the food and beverage tent.
  • Face Coverings
    All event staff and volunteers will always wear face coverings unless they are able to social distance. Spectators and Participants are encouraged to wear face coverings when not able to physically distance from others not in their party. Participants will not be expected to wear a face covering when in the start line area, on the course or at the finish line corral.
  • Heat Sizes
    Heat sizes will be reduced to ensure more spacing while running/walking and at obstacles. This will also help reduce the number of people on site at any given time.
  • Capacity
    Customer throughput will be monitored to ensure the number of people within the event space is kept to acceptable levels. A limited number of picnic tables will be set up. You are welcome to bring lawn chairs and social distance while watching the participants.Please arrive only 60 minutes prior to your heat time and stay only 60 minutes after you finish the event.
  • Public Areas
    Additional cleaning and sanitization of customer touchpoints throughout the festival area, including check-in areas, toilets, medal and shirt collection, payment collection points, and at aid stations.
  • Social Distance
    It is each person’s responsibility to either physically distance or wear a face covering.
  • Hand Sanitizer
    Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout event, including around high traffic areas and in and around portable toilets.
  • Water Stations
    Water stations may vary. Staff will wear face coverings and use hand sanitizer when dispensing water into cups for the participants. Prefilled water cups will be limited.
  • Showers
    We will provide a contactless shower area. Each spigot will be 6 ft apart.
  • Obstacles
    Obstacles that involve mud and/or water will be designed to reduce the likelihood of splashes to the face.
  • Staff & Volunteer Procedures
    All staff and volunteers will have their temperature taken prior to their working shift. A temperature reading of 100 degree or more will not be allowed to be onsite. Increased safety and hygiene procedures for staff and volunteers including regular hand sanitization will be implemented.
  • Changing Areas and Bag Drop
    GAC staff will be monitoring and limiting the number of people in the changing area and bag drop area at any given time.
  • Start line
    The start line area will be increased to allow for more room to social distance.
  • Finish line
    The finish line area will offer can beer and bottled water this year. We will not be providing finish line fruit at this event. To promote social distancing, you will be limited to 10 minutes in the finish line corral.

Please know that changes to these guidelines may be made, as needed, without advance notice.  Running a healthy, fun, and tough event is our main priority.  If you do not feel comfortable with what we have for plans or are in the high-risk category, please do not register for the May 22nd and 23rd 2021 event.

Everyone will be required to sign a release when they arrive: stating they acknowledge and understand that exposure to disease causing organisms, such as COVID-19, and personal contact with others, including but not limited to participants, non-participants, organizers, volunteers, and other individuals in the race course involves a certain degree of risk that could result in illness, permanent disability or death. The undersigned acknowledges that Gladiator Assault Challenge has not screened or tested any of the aforementioned individuals for such diseases. After fully and carefully considering all the potential risks involved, I hereby assume the same and agree to release and hold-harmless Gladiator Assault Challenge and its employees, officers, agents, volunteers, vendors and contractors from and against all claims and liability resulting from exposure to disease causing organisms such as COVID-19.

Anyone who falls under or lives with someone in these categories is encouraged not to participate the Gladiator Assault Challenge 2021 event:

  1. People over 65 years of age
  2. People who have chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, or severe heart disease;
  3. People who are immunocompromised: those who have undergone or are undergoing cancer treatment, bone marrow or organ transplantation; anyone with immune deficiencies, poorly controlled HIV or AIDS, or had prolonged use of corticosteroids; and smokers;
  4. People of any age with class III or severe obesity
  5. Anyone diagnosed with the following underlying conditions: diabetes, liver disease, and persons with chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis.
  6. All customers shall observe all outbound and inbound requirements and restrictions on travel, including travel bans and quarantine requirements.

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