Heritage Hero Run + Stroll + Roll

Sat September 7, 2019 Rochester, NY US 14622 Directions
Join the Hero Squad

Introducing the Hero Squad! Every person who registers for the Heritage Hero Run + Stroll + Roll gets us closer to our goal – and that supports our mission to ensure everyone feels valued and respected.  We think your contributions deserve recognition! When you register you will become a member of the Hero Squad. By fundraising, you can advance to new hero levels.­ We’ll be calling out heroes as they climb the ranks and awarding prizes along the way. In addition, ALL first-time fundraisers (who raise at least $5) will be entered to win a separate prize because taking that first step is the most important! 

Starting on August 2, we will be drawing one weekly winner to celebrate Fundraiser Friday! Our giveaway prizes include complimentary tickets to Seabreeze and gift cards! Stay tuned for more details!

PATIENCE AWARD: Raise at least $25 to earn the Patience Award!

A strong hero requires patience: A hero can handle the setbacks that come their way and push through to succeed. They are able to take a step back and evaluate every circumstance around them instead of rushing in blindly.


INSPIRATION AWARD: Raise at least $50 to earn the Inspiration Award!

A hero inspires people all around them: A hero is a role model, someone that people can look up to and help guide them in life. They motivate others to do more and be a more giving person every day, being honest and providing humor to lighten situations.


COURAGE AWARD: Raise at least $75 to earn the Courage Award!

To be a strong hero you must have courage: A hero is not fearless, but they are willing to look past what comes their way to help others. A positive mindset helps heroes believe in an optimistic outcome.


INTEGRITY AWARD: Raise at least $100 to earn the Integrity Award!

Being honest and open are important qualities in a hero: A hero is honest and follows strong moral principles in their actions. They are always true to themselves and others and would do nothing to dishonor their dignity or that of others.


RESILIENCE AWARD: Raise at least $150 to earn the Resilience Award!

A strong hero is resilient: A hero never gives up. They won’t stop until they reach their desired outcome. A hero will develop new ways to serve people. No matter what obstacles come their way, they look adversity in the face and figure a way out.


SELFLESSNESS AWARD: Raise at least $200 to earn the Selflessness Award!

A Heritage Hero is selfless: A true hero cares about others and will do whatever it takes to support them with compassion. This is the highest award because heroes do things with others best interests in mind.


Every dollar you raise for Heritage Christian helps us maintain the highest quality staff and ensure that everyone has a life of dignity and respect – thank you! Not only are you helping our mission but we’ll be awarding prizes to randomly selected fundraisers as another way to show our appreciation!