RELAY POINT - This is where the 2nd Runner will be stationed and where the 1st Runner will meet them during the race at mile 6.35. The relay point will be located at the corner of Kingsland and Cobia.  The physical address is listed below. There will be a large portable light in the parking lot where you may park.

23515 Kingsland Boulevard
Katy, Texas 77494

1ST RUNNER INFO (2nd runner please also read)

The first runner is to go to the Katy Mills Mall Sun & Ski where post race is, then walk a short distance to the start line from there. The first runner is to follow normal procedure and park according to the parking map provided via email over the past two days (twice) to all participants.

The first runner starts, with the bib and timing tag (on back of bib) that was given to them at packet pickup. The first runner starts with all other individual runners at the start. The first runner does nothing different.

When the first runner reaches about the mile 6.35 mark, he/she will turn right off Kingsland into the Welch Dental Group Parking Lot. Assuming winds the morning of the race allow, we will have a number of signs that say RELAY EXCHANGE with an arrow directing the first runner of each relay into the parking lot and around the back to their teammates. If the wind is too strong for the signs we will at least have someone at the parking lot entrance shouting for relay to turn in, but PLEASE look up where Welch Dental Group is so you know and are responsible for turning in, in the event of very strong winds.

The first runner will turn into the parking lot, run around the back (follow cone line) and find their other relay member (the second runner). Each runner has their own bib with their own timing tag on the back. There is no baton to hand off and no number switching. The first runner simply meets his/her runner in the back of the parking lot and the second runner (finishing runner) starts their run. There is a split timing mat located on the road shortly after the second runner leaves the relay area. It is located on the main road to catch the non-relay runners, as well.  Once the second runner crosses that mat the first runner’s time ends and second runner’s time begins.

To get back to the post race area at the mall it is a 2.5-mile direct route. Please do not run this in reverse - drive it. Please realize that you may have to wait in order to get out of the relay area as the run route for the course encloses the area. We ask that you please be patient.  Once out of the relay point, the first runner can make their way back to the mall and find parking near the finish line to meet their relay partner.

2ND RUNNER INFO (1st runner please also read)

The second runner will go directly to Welch Dental Group. If the first runner needs to drop their runner off at the start area they may do so but we recommend doing so very early. The second runner should plan gone from the start line area before the race begins at 6:45 AM.   If the second runner is not out of the start line race site before the race begins, there is a strong chance they will not make it to the relay area in time to meet their partner and start their run.  This is due to safety and traffic regulations.  We recommend that the BOTH runners drive their own vehicles to their separate starting points in the morning.  Getting out of the mall area once the race starts will be very challenging.

The second runner should know about what time to expect the first runner to get to the relay point at 6.35-miles. The race starts at 6:45am, so please do the math based on the pace your partner expects to run.  We do allow the second runner to stand near the entrance/exit on Cobia where the first runner turns in and run with them to the back of the parking lot.

From the back of the parking lot the second runner takes over and leaves out the back entrance/exit turning right onto Cobia and crossing over the split mat officially starting their time.

The second runner starts at the relay point at mile 6.35 once the first runner comes in and the second runner runs to the end, 13.1-miles. When the second runner crosses the finish line and gets their medal they should identify themselves as a relay team and kindly request a second medal.