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Type: Run or Run/Walk, Virtual Race
Fundraising Tips

Thank you! Every penny you raise will help us achieve our bold goal to significantly reduce the number of breast cancer deaths. Take a moment to view this video to get you started:  How to Manage Your Team or Individual Fundraiser

You can also view step-by-step instructions to personalize your fundraising link.

Whether you plan on quietly asking friends for donations, or putting on a fundraising extravaganza, the tips, suggestions and best practices listed below can help you reach your goal, so that we can achieve ours.

Tip 1: Personalize your fundraising link
You can do this easily by signing in and editing your Race fundraiser. 

Tip 2: Lead by example.
As soon as you register, make a donation to your own fundraising campaign.

Tip 3: Be confident.
Remember you aren’t only asking people to donate, you’re giving them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of survivors and those facing breast cancer.

Tip 4: Ask here, there, everywhere!
Use a variety of methods to ask for donations – email, phone, social media, face-to-face and your Fundraiser center. It’s okay if one person gets multiple messages from you, each message can serve as reminder to donate.

Tip 5: Start immediately.
Don’t think “I have plenty of time.” Every day offers potential to boost your success. Email a friend today and pick up the pace through Race day.

Tip 6: Think big.
Don’t ask only close friends and family. Cast a wider net that includes everyone from your yoga instructor and drycleaner, to your child’s teachers and parents of classmates. Putting spare change cans in the community can add up quickly too.  

Tip 7: Make it fit.
Customize your donation request to the person being asked. Ask people on a tight budget for a smaller donation than what you ask of someone more financially stable. For those you feel can give the greatest donation, consider a face-to-face conversation.

Tip 8: Follow Up
If someone doesn’t answer your request, don’t assume that means no. Follow up and perhaps try a different method of reaching him or her. Also, don't be discouraged if you don't get a "yes" right away. Fundraising can often require you to ask three times: the first time you make the ask, the second time you remind your potential donor, and the third time they make the donation!

Tip 9: Harness the power of social media.
You’ll be surprised at the donations you can garner from a post or tweet – even from people you do not know. Don't forget to inlcude why your are fundraisng as well as to ask  people to share your post for greater reach.

Tip 10: Share your goal
Let friends and family know what you set out to achieve, and let them share in your progress along the way. Make extra “noise” as you close in on your goal and rally people to help you cross the finish line. You may even want to raise your goal when you get close - statistics show that the closer you get to a fundraising goal, the smaller the donations people make. By raising your goal, you raise the likelihood for larger donations!

Tip 11: Personalize it
Tell potential donors the reasons why you are an active Race fundraiser. Share a personal story or inspiration, then ask them to share why they donate.

Tip 12: Leverage matching gifts
Encourage every donor to ask his or her employer if they have matching gift program. This allows donors to double their gift without donating another penny. (Search for employers that offer matching gifts.)

Tip 13: Wear your passion
Show people how much you believe in Komen Philadelphia and the cause by wearing Komen gear – a lapel ribbon, last year’s Race t-shirt, hat – when you ask for gifts. If asking via email or social media, include a photo you at the Race or in Komen gear.

Tip 14: Team up
Multiply your success by asking people to help you fundraise, or form an official Race team so everyone can experience what it means to be More Than Pink™!

Tip 15: Say thank you
Pick up the phone to express your gratitude to donors, letting them know how much their gifts means to you. You can also use your Fundraiser center to send thank-you emails. Whatever method you use, thank a donor immediately. You may even consider tagging donors in social media posts to let their friends know about their generosity... and you're fundraising efforts!

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