Susan G. Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure

Sun May 13, 2018 Directions
Thank you!

Dear Friends,
This year, we called everyone in the Komen Philadelphia Race for the Cure community to embrace the responsibility of being ONE FAMILY in the fight to end breast cancer. Without a doubt, all of you took this call to seriously by mobilizing as Race participants, fundraisers, donors, sponsors and volunteers. Together, our one familydid, indeed, deliver a harsh blow to breast cancer with the money and awareness raised during our 2018 Race season!
Congressman Dwight Evans said it beautifully during our Race-day opening ceremonies when he described all of you: “We are many things, but above all else we… are… family. We see no color. We are without boundaries. We are not deterred by the faith, lifestyle, age or status of those for whom we fight. We fight for one, and we fight for all—united in a single purpose—to eradicate breast cancer from our world.”
Now, as we look ahead to the rest of the year, I ask all of you to keep these words in your heart. Draw on them and take pride in the impact you have made on the lives of your neighbors and women around the world. Draw on them as motivation to continue the same intensity of support you demonstrated this Race season, remembering that as great an impact as we made together this Mother’s Day, our fight is far from over.  40,400 people in the U.S. will die this year of breast cancer—each one of them a member of our family. Moreover, because our Race family haschanged the game over the years, the money we raise gets put to use more quickly than ever before. This is great news because it means we have more survivors to support and a greater demand for lifesaving services coming from men and women taking action to protect their breast health.
Given what I’ve seen from all of you—my family—this Race season, I have no doubt we will meet the demand and make it possible for more and more women to survive breast cancer every day! For this I thank you. I thank you for fighting for my own daughters and grand-daughters. I thank you for being sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, daughters and sons to every person who has been or who one day will be touched by breast cancer. I thank you for your loyalty to all of them and for doing the hard work that assures they will never be alone in the fight. I thank you for believing in our mission and putting your actions behind it to save lives.
We are one family in this fight. And because of your love, we will end breast cancer together!
With my appreciation,

Elaine I. Grobman
Chief Executive Officer
Susan G. Komen Philadelphia