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Team Basics: Captains & Members Start Here

Online registration is now closed. Please make sure every person joining your team on Mother's Day is registered. Anyone can register at the Race from 6:00-8:00 a.m.

What is a Race for the Cure team?

A Race team is a group of people who share a similar passion for ending breast cancer, as well as a special bond that will motivate them to achieve more to support the Race—in terms of recruiting additional members and fundraising—as a group than they could do individually.  There is no speed requirement to be part of a 'Race' team!

  • Minimum suggested size for a team: 10 members (Groups of 25 or more receive a special discount registration rate; call Elaine at 215-238-8900.)
  • Minimum fundraising encouraged: $250 per team member

Where do teams come from?

A team can be built from any group that has some type of relationship—friends, neighbors, families, work colleagues, school mates, faith communities ... any or all of the above! Oftentimes, team captains start a team from one area of their life and discover people from other areas join in… from their own sources as well as those of other team members. Where team members come from isn’t nearly as important as what they share—a desire to increase the number of breast cancer survivors!

However, for the purpose of recognition of achievement, our Race categorizes teams as follows:

  • Business/Corporate/University: companies, colleges and universities
  • Community/Support Groups: clubs, sports/fitness programs, support groups, sororities/fraternities, schools (from preschool to 8th grade)
  • Faith-based: churches, synagogues, mosques, all faith communities
  • Family and Friends: friends, family members, neighbors
  • Hospitals: Employees, staff and patients, as well as family and friends
  • Law Firms: Lawyers, friends and family, as well as employees of legal firms.
  • Student-led: students, faculty and staff, as well as family and friends of these individuals (from 8th grade through high school)

Team captains should take care to select the most appropriate team category when registering your team.

Why form a team?

For one thing, teams have a ton of fun throughout Race season and on Race day! The theory of “the more the merrier” most certainly applies to Race teams. So does “strength in numbers”:  In the past 27 years of our Race, teams historically make an incredible impact on saving lives by pooling their resources and integrating individual breast cancer missions to create one powerhouse group that excels in raising money and embracing more people in the fight to end breast cancer.

Remember: as a team captain—or a team member that helps to recruit other members—you’re not asking people to join your team. You are giving them an opportunity to make a difference in a cause that matters in every life! By encouraging someone to register for your team and get involved with team fundraising activities, you open doors for him or her to experience the fulfillment and empowerment that comes from helping defeat a terrible disease.

What is required of Race team captains/co-captains?

Team captains are leaders of their groups. It is a captain’s responsibility to create and register his or her team and jump-start the team growth by encouraging others to register for the Race as part of the team. During the team registration process, captains need to provide an email address allowing them to receive important communications from our Race office.

Once these wheels are in motion, team captains take the lead in:

  • Encouraging members to recruit additional members
  • Motivating members to fundraise (i.e. ask people to donate to the team or them as an individual Race participant)
  • Organizing one or more fundraising events
  • Keeping up with Race communications on social media and via emails, then sharing the information—and opportunities—with team members
  • Picking up team member T-shirts and Race packets at our optional team-only captain pickup opportunity, see below

A team may have a single captain or up to three co-captains. 

From January until May, all team captains will receive our monthly Keeping Pace team captain e-newsletter, as well as occasional emails alerting you to special team-only opportunities, such as short-term challenges offering prizes for team growth/fundraising accomplishments.

What is required of Race team members?

Team members must be officially registered for the Race AND select the official team name (i.e. the name registered by the team captain) at the time of registration. If these two requirements are met, that team member will be counted as part of the team size and have his/her fundraising included in the team total. A person who originally registered for the Race as an individual can still join a team at any time.

Each team member is encouraged to raise at least $250 dollars. As long as a team member is officially registered for the Race, his/her fundraising will be considered for individual fundraising prizes as well as for team fundraising.

New this year for fundraisers:

  • Self-donate $125 at the time you register for the Race and enjoy our ice cream social on Race day, courtesy of ShopRite. (Deadline: 8:15 a.m. on Race Day)
  • Collect at least $250 in donations for your individual fundraising campaign and receive our official pink tutu to wear on Race day. (Deadline to submit money and receive the reward is April 15, 2015.)

What can teams “win”?

Komen Philadelphia takes great pride in rewarding the achievements of our Race teams! All officially registered teams will automatically be competing in the following challenges

  • Team Participation Challenge: Trophy will be awarded to the team in each category (see above) that has the most members registered by 10:30 a.m. on Race day.*
  • Team Fundraising Challenge: Trophy will be awarded to the team in each category (see above) that has raised and submitted the most fundraising by 10:30 a.m. on Race day, May 13.**
  • Rookie of the Year, Participation: Award will be given to the first-time team with the most members.*
  • Rookie of the Year, Fundraising: Award will be given to the first-time team with the highest fundraising total submitted by Race day.**
  • Team Tent: Any team that has 100 members registered or $10,000 raised and submitted by April 15 (subject to change) will receive its own team tent for Race day.
  • First 48 Challenge: The team that reaches 48 registered members first will win bus transportation to and from the Race for 48 people, courtesy of Yellow Bird (some restrictions apply for pickup/drop off).

New this year: Win a Dietz & Watson Grillebration for your Team!
The Dietz & Watson family is happy to provided two of their famous Grillebration parties for 2018 Race teams. If your team wins, Dietz & Watson will come to you (restrictions may apply on location and date, based on availability) equipped with their grills, hot dogs and all "the fixings" in order to cater a cook-out like you've never experienced. Winning this prize is a great way to celebrate your team's Race success and for Team Captains to say "thank you" for the team's hard work. One Grillebration will be awarded to:

  • The 2018 Race team that submits the most fundraising by 10:30 a.m. on Race day
  • The 2018 Race team that has registered the most members by 10:30 a.m. on Race day

The teams who win any of the above will also be recognized on our website and via social media. And there’s much more! Visit our Team “Hot Spots” page for this month’s team news and action-specific challenges offering tons of other incentive prizes throughout Race season.

 * Minimum of 10 team members required to qualify. ** Minimum of $2,500 must be raised to qualify.

Finally, don’t forget about…

Team Captain Pickup
These events are now complete. Any team member or captain that registered online and needs to pick up his or her Race materials can do so at our events on Race weekend, May 11, 12 and 13. Get more information here.

Team Bus Parking
We offer ample parking for team buses on Race day near the Art Museum. 
Get a map of and directions to the team bus parking location.

Team signs
Order one or more team signs when you register your team or via the online store (last day to order is April 30). Signs are $10 with all proceeds supporting the Komen Philadelphia mission. Team signs are a great way to be seen on Race day, as well as to re-gather team members who may have strayed from your groups. Team signs will be available for pick-up on Race day in the Team Village.

2018 Race Poster
Download our 2018 Race poster, then print and display it all over to help rally supporters and generate interest from potential new team members.


Who to contact with team and/or Race questions

To have your team fundraising event promoted via our website, team captain newsletter and social media:
Contact (events must be opened to the public to be listed).